Decent Online run / distance recorder

Having started my January fitness some weeks ago, I'd like to record the times. distances etc of the runs I do. I have three types in mind; straight 5 - 7 milers, CFTs and fartlek ( ouch )

IIRC there are some websites that let you record times, note progress etc - any good'ns out there?


if you have an Iphone or an Ipod then nike+ is pretty good


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Also for iPhone is runkeeper. It records your time/distance/speed and plots on google maps. You can also save to the website and keep a progress chart. It also let's you customise your activity for fartleks and works with your playlists. Theres no need for any extras like with the Nike version mentioned above. You need to buy a chip I believe.
Assuming you have an iPhone/itouch it's a really good app that I've used regularly.
Seconded: Plus you can, or used to be able to, see other users routes near to you. Saves planning your own.
Thanks fellas.

I do have an iPhone, so worth looking at that route.

For an I-phone I would recommend " Endomondo" . It's got all the bell and whistles the other apps have yet it's free . Got to be worth a look .
I use mapmyrun too and have found it useful as I'm a ludite without GPS, although it recently went tits up when I tried to delete some runs it had put in automatically as scheduled runs which I then hadn't done. A mate of mine swore by his Garmin 305 HRM / GPS and I think they've got even neater and less likely to drop out in built up areas since.
The only problem I really found was that my routes invariably turned out to be shorter than I had measured them using my old school map measurer.

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