Decent One Week courses

This year due to work I probably won't get 2 weeks in one wack, so I'm looking for some good courses I can attend

Bit more info, I'm a Full Screw in the RA came over from the regs so I'm not really looking for EQs so I can pretty much do anything thats out there but as I'm a newbie to the TA (coursewise that is) I wouldn't mind a heads up

Oh and before you say read the PSIs book, I will but want to know whats out there.

All Arms Explosive Safety Officers Course.

IIRC, PHTQ used to be a week's course.
Do a week of junior Brecon, then throw a sickie.
All Arms Authorised Representative by road Kineton is one week


Badminton skills

Orienteering planner

Ocean diver

Squash skills

All a week and all great!
Dr_Evil said:
Hey, what's this?

Click - Reserve Officer Commissioning Course (at Sandhurst)

Course sounds familiar, as do the course dates. But what's the "Reserve Army"? :wink:
Do you think they will mind if I call and ask?

Edited to add, following the link, this is part of the International Defence Training wing, therefore this training is for overseas reserves, not TA.


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The page is badly written, rather than saying:

"To assess the potential of students for commissioning into the Reserve Army." which implies that there is a specific 'Reserve Army'. I think it means to say:

"To assess the potential of students for commissioning into an Army Reserve." or:

"To assess the potential of students for commissioning as a Reserve Army Officer".
It's for foreigners. No need to panic.


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