Decent Nights Out in Connecticut?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Baldrick66, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. I’ve been in Connecticut for a couple of weeks now and the Job I’ve been on is winding down, so I’m now here on my Jack Jones till the weekend. Any of the arrse yokel locals from New England think of any decent Bars or stuff to do in the evenings over the next couple of days? All the regular stuff for New London has been done, I’m Casino’d out, Sick of the Sight of Subs, Sailing Ships, Mystic and rustic little America. Any idea’s or decent ideas for bars are more than welcome.
  2. Will this do, it depends on your budget?

    Late evening entertainment in Connecticut
  3. Thanks for that Notty, but trust me you don't have to pay for it over here 8)
  4. Cheers for that Notty, done most of the stuff on there already, but route 169 might be a useful diversion tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Stop name dropping, you lucky beggar.
  6. Looks like a drive up to Hartford on Thursday Night, Found a couple of likely spots among that lot!

    (I take it your either bored on nights or just finished shift?)
  7. Day off in between earlies and afters. You did ask.
  8. No idea what your relation to NYC/the train system is, but if you can get into the city for a night you can get up to no good there. PM me if you want some decent local microbreweries.
  9. Central NYC is a good three/four hours from my current location in Eastern CT. Good Micro Brewery suggestions are always welcome for future reference though :)
  10. Northeast regional train on Amtrak will take you all the way into Penn Station NYC from just about anywhere in NE (esp. E Connecticut). Take the Blue line A/C/E downtown to W 4th. Transfer to the Orange F/V line downtown/to Brooklyn. Get off at 2nd st/Lower East Side. Couple decent microbreweries/worthwhile bars:
    124 Rabbit Club - 124 Macdougal St
    DBA - 41 First Ave
    Hop Devil Grill - 129 St. Marks place
    All within one mile of the lower east side. This is also freak central in NYC, so watch your person and prepare to laugh at the feckers. Avoid times square, it's a tourist trap, but the Broadway areas around it have some decent local hangouts. Heard of a couple awesome Irish pubs scattered about as well, but haven't had the pleasure of visiting them yet.
  11. Loring

    Cheers for that mate
  12. No problem. Happy to help.
  13. Or head North--
    New London is about 1&1/2 hours from Boston. There are two stations in Boston. Back Bay is in an area where there are a lot of nice restaurants and pubs if you walk north from the station, If you walk south you will be in the South End which is mix of African American and gay bars.

    If you stay on the train two minutes more you will be in South Station which is near the waterfront and financial district. You could walk along the waterfront north to the North End (i.e. Little Italy) where there are tons of great Italian restaurants. If you want to do daytime sightseeing the major historical sights are on the "Freedom Trail" which is a red stripe in the pavement leading from one site to the next, In the North End is the "Old North Church" where they hung lanterns to let Paul Revere know that ...erm... some chaps in red tunics with rifles were coming.

    For a change of pace, you could take the Red Line subway from South Station to Harvard Square station in Cambridge and poke around Harvard, checkout Harvard museums. Lots of good restaurants and pubs. Also good bookstores. Grafton Street (Irish Pub) pours a decent pint, decent grub. Restaurants are all nationalities, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian etc. Cafe of India on Brattle is a bit upscale but has good indian food.

    Cambridge is the birthplace of the US Army as the militias came together under the Command of General Washington on Cambridge Common. In a nearby cemetery are the graves of a couple of British troops killed April 19, 1775. On Memorial Day, when flags are put on Veterans graves someone still puts out little Union Flags. In the adjacent Christ Church (Anglican) there are still bullet holes in the wall from shots by ...erm... some soldiers in red tunics. Some of the houses are fairly old by US standards. A young woman I know, friend of my son's, lives in the home occupied by General Baron Reidesel (German but one of yours) during the revolution. The President of Harvard lives in the former home of Sir Andrew Oliver, royal Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.

    DO NOT eat at the Hong Kong or Grendel's Den in Harvard Square (bad health inspections). If you like jazz the Regatta Bar at the Charles Square Hotel sometimes has big names playing. Legal Seafood in the Charles Square Hotel complex has excellent fish.

    Oh yes! For reasons that defy comprehension, young American women are attracted to men with British accents. Maybe too many Hugh Grant movies. Be Alert! I would hate to learn that a group of young women raped you.