Decent motorbike wheel cleaner...

Now as much as I love riding my bike, cleaning is still something that we all have to do to keep our prized possessions looking good.

I always use Turtlewax shampoo and various other cleaners to do the bodywork but have yet to come across anything really good for getting all the shite such as chain lube etc off the wheels - espcially the rear...

Anyway got any good tips or cleaning products that they use ??? I found this one that looks pretty good but dont know if anyone has ever used it.

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I use mr sheen household polish to clean my wheels . It leaves a coating which makes the excess chain lube far easier to get off :) plus its cheap as chips


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I used to use WD40 and cheap coke - works a treat!! Also good for cleaning your cans too. Furniture polish on the headlights and indicators too as after you buff them up, it leaves a thin film on them so that the flies just skid off.
I always fall back on washing up liquid and a toothbrush for wheels. There may be a lot of better ways of doing it but it works (white powder coated alloys in this case).
Depends what sort of wheels, Mag or spoked? I find a cheap degreaser to get the bulk of the crap off, then as some one mentioned earlier once cleaned some sort of polish/wax as a barrier. There's a range of stuff called Fuchs Off that a friend of mine uses, never tried it myself, but he reckons it's as near to spray on rinse off as he's known. Of course he could be lying.
Dont use washing up liquid. It contains salt and we all know you dont want that on your alloy bits.

I dont own a chain drive bike and maybe never will but I was in the local shop the other day and saw some "chain cleaner". Now if it gets cruddy old chain lube off your chain, I suspect it will do the same for your wheels. Alternatively, try a good engine cleaner or brake cleaner (good engine cleaners leave a protective finish and brake cleaners will not adversely affect your brake discs if you accidentally overspray). That should sort them. Another option is to use WD40 as a cleaner. It works pretty well as a cleaning solvent on sticky, tarry deposits and leaves the surface protected such that cleaning is easier the next time around but be careful not to get it on your brake discs and tyres!

Muc-Off or Fuchs-off are both pretty good general cleaning products designed specifically not to damage your finishes but I dont know how well they will cope with old chain lube.
I used to have a very old mini cooper and I once was told to try cola to clean the wheels. Tried it, worked well, no problems.
Wonder Wheels

Don't know how it deals with snotoil etc as my Gentlemans Conveyance has shaft drive.
My local emporium has a range of products specifically for cleaning bike wheels. I think the product has a name along the lines of "motorbike wheel cleaner". That ought to do it I would think!
This stuff isn't the cheapest but it is one of the best and most available, Avoid Wd-40, degreasers and anything else solvent or oil based, it perishes the rubber on tyre's.


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to keep our prized possessions looking good.
Suicide is an option. Please do it in a hotel room with pills. Send a note to the police and spare the hotel staff trauma. Thanks. Hope your 'prized posessions' look good at the end.
I use Goo Gone, which you can get from the PX. It's supposed to be used to get gum off of carpets. Just put some on a bit of kitchen roll and wipe it clean. Then wash the wheel and polish with Mr Sheen or whatever.

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