'Decent' military video clips?

We have a tedious team-hug sort of day next week. My glorious leader (Army) has directed me to get a couple of video clips in the 'amusing, military' vein.

I have trawled the video thread in the NAAFI Bar here and most of the stuff is set up or appears to be blokes dancing badly in war zones, which isn't his thing at all - or mine.

Does anyone have any links to half decent, non-dancing sort of clips? You know - the sort of stuff that we had before bl00dy Amarillo. Cheers.
Here's a start. Just go on youtube and search for 'xxx fail'






The USMC doing strange things (not always successfully) with rifles and walking as though they have piles:


BTW, does anyone have a link to a video of the the Greek Evzone on ceremonial duties in Athens - the one where he taps the butt of his rifle on the ground and the whole thing falls apart?

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