Decent looking Barmaids ?

some new recruits?


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silly_suntan said:
Who interviews NAFFI staff - how can i get them sacked ?

You've been blown out then? 8O
BadManners said:
Funny I admit.....but why is it in the REME section and not the NAAFI bar?


Maybe REME have more of an affection with NAAFI staff than others!

I know I have had :roll:
If the barmaid is serving beer adequately fine, who cares what it looks like. Please don't try to chat up and trap the barmaid during her shift. Some of us need refills sooner than others and don't want to listen to your patter whilst shuffling our feet and waving money in an aggressively thirsty way.


War Hero
Well said that men, you don't look at the mantlepiece whilst its pouring your pint...

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