decent grab bag any ideas


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For thirty notes this does the job.
Plenty of room for mags, bandoliers & folders plus external pouches for smk & grens.

The bloke also does them with PALS webbing all over so you can plaster the bag with Osprey pouches.
Beware of Blackhawk, not for the build quality which is second to none. No, if worn under Osprey the strap is waaaaay too short. Worn over, it tends to try and cut your head off.

I have worn Vanguard and another one from Drop Zone supplies which were both fine. Thanks to the cnut who nicked the DZ one and led me to more market research.

BTW the is an issue one. Very well designed that functions as a mag bag and dump pouch. Well made and a funky cam with a strap that is long enough.

I am 6 foot plus. Maybe the Blakhawk one will fit you if you're from the shallow end of the gene pool.

If this is too serious, feel free to flame...
I found the strap too short...

Edited to add, I wear my grab bag under Osprey to stop it flapping about and having one less thing to snag.

I bow, of course, to the hetro tiger with the 30rd SLR mags, bayonet between his teeth, carrying a real mans rifle and withdraw.
tearsbeforebedtime said:
I found the strap too short...
Harrumph! I'm 6'1", Vibrantly Masculine, and found it perfect. One bag full of 30 rd SLR mags slung under left armpit, one bag full of WP hand grenades under right, shell dressings taped to straps, bayonet between teeth, proceed! Young people these days, I don't know...(wanders off, shaking head ruefully and muttering to self)
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Pararegtom said:
Gucci Clutch bag, but make sure the shoes match :wink:
Anyone with DPM boots is a very sad puppy indeed.
Prepare to be a sad puppy 'cos, watch this space, the days of black boots in the field are numbered.
indeed... cos all the fields we're fighting in the boots are a kind of beigey brown.
Urgh, not beige, don't they know it's a winter colour?
Always used to be the claymore bag or an old WW2 respirator bag. Nowadays though seems that they are as much a fashion accessory as a practical item.

BoB's are big business in the USA. After the flooding they had in New Orleans a few of the States have actively started encouraging residents in flood and hurricane prone locations to put together BoB's. Therefore bag manufacturers have started making 'Special BoBs' and this has. I think, spilled into the military when you see companies that used to make civvy gear suddenly offering exactly the same bags in Coyote tan and ACU pattern.

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