Decent free YouTube downloader/converter


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I use realdownloader which is free and integrates into chrome and ie. the flash window gets a little tab above it and you click to download. it used to be part of realplayer and is so much better now its seperate.

they save as flv files but you can change them with a converter but vlc is quite happy with them.

the only issue is you have to disable chrome flash in favour of windows flash which is a 2 minute job


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Do they work on porn sites? I'm sure this hadn't crossed the OP's mind though...
yep. I tried those progs where you have to insert the embed address etc and it was a right pain.
I use Downloadhelper as recommended by Phooey. Very easy to use and also lists supported 'Adult' sites. :thumright:

SoThink video converter, works from your browser.

I'm sure you can google it for a link.

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