Decent free IP Blocker required

Fellow Arrsers,

I am currently sausage side trying to access a web site, when i click on the link it automatically redirects me to the .com variant which is no use as my account is with the UK one.

Does anyone know a decent free IP blocker or a way I can get round this increasingly annoying problem. I am using XP Home.

Thanks in advance.

Tried - it does not work.

I need to re download the associated software (it's a casino site) after my kids managed to bugger up the Home PC and wiped all program files, but the sight just defaults to the US version when i press on the download link!

I have quite a few quid in my account and would like to access it!



Mighty_Blighty said:
DesktopCommando said:
as long as you not on "land/dii" computer works ;)
Am I being wahed?!!

That just brings up some search engine by the looks of it!!

Nope just the innocent victim of a mistype :p's what your funny bone's for. by the way 8)

Wouldn't mind one of those Ninka Clock's though, imagine it jumps all over people and slots your enemies in slumber. Feckin good that.
use firefox and download an add on, called foxyproxy.
Once installed just direct to a uk based proxy. Very easy to do.
Works for BBC Iplayer too.

Only downside is you need to change to a new proxy server every so often but that only takes a minute

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