decent drinking games needed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by louis, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. i need a few drinking games for a big all dayer planned for this saturday.

    i have one so far...roxanne.

    need another 4 - 5 with the rules included.

  2. Simple game called...Bond

    Watch a Bond film and everytime the word Bond is said...down a shot or take a sip of your with friends...first to get thoroughly blotto loses!

  3. Boat Race; divide people up into equal teams & stand them in line, give them each a pint, first man downs his pint, then second which finishes first wins!

    William Tell....get hold of the overture, and get 2 tables, splitting drinkers equally. Get each person to get 3/4 bottle of mixed smirnoffs, reefs etc. Play the music, every ten seconds blowing a whistle. The drinkers move to their left on each whistle, drinkingt whatever is left in front of them. The aim is to finish everything on the table before the music stops.
  4. I have never...

    Basically you decide what the forfeit will be i.e downing a shot or a pint etc. Then you take it in turns to say "I have never..." for example " i have never found my sister attractive "...then anyone who had found their own sister fit would have to do the forfeit i.e shot or pint!
  5. 20+1

    Just a simple counting game. Basically you start counting 1-2-3 etc etc that aim of the game is to not be the person that says that number that adds up to 20+1, however, if a person counts in a multiple of 2 numbers i.e 3-4 then the game changes direction, if a person says a multiple of 3 numbers i.e 16-17-18 then the game continues in the same direction but misses a person.

    If you pause too long, miss your turn or take somebody elses turn, you have to drink 2 fingers worth of your drink. If you say 20+1 you have to down your drink. When you finally get to 20+1 (this can take some time) the person who has had to say it then changes a number to a random word or switches 2 numbers around.

    But remember, you can't double a double or treble a treble but you can double a treble and treble a double.

    Don't forget your international drinking rules whilst playing this:

    No Swearing
    No names other than Sheila or Bruce
    Do not say the word drink (has to be imbibe etc)
    No pointing - it's rude to point
    Everything starts to the left

    It is always good to have a chair person to enforce these rules, other members could be miss weights and measures (this person can decide upon quanities of drinks) miss invisibible (for annoying people, they are then ignored until they are stopped from being invisible), Miss obvious (at any point in the game this person can do something random, the last person to copy them drinks) Geckomeister (at any time during the game this person can throw themselves against a wall, the last person against the same wall has to drink)

    I'm sure there are more, I'll have a think.
  6. Spoof.

    If you dont know how to play it hand in your blokeclub membership on your way out.
  7. May I suggest a gentlemanly game of Freckles.

    All you need is an ashtray or something else with a flat base. :wink:
  8. I'm supposed to remember all this and get bat-faced, I refer you to the previous poster, PLAY SPOOF............hic
  9. drunken draughts with red and white wine. Funny as feck watching not so playing
  10. AAGF



    Players circled around a table (tables), each with a drink of choice.

    Whoever is starting the game declares "Roman Soldiers Number Off!"

    You're counting in Roman numerals, so the first person to the left yells "I" (EYE!) and takes a slug of his drink.

    Next in line immediately yells "II" and takes a slug and the next, "III" (EYE EYE EYE)

    Now it gets funny - next goes for 4 = "IV" (EYE VEE)

    V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI und so weiter - has to be kept fast - first to miss one gets the next round. Highest I ever saw it go was XX!V and we were trainwrecked by then.
  11. Try speed drinking.

    1. Go to Off Licence.
    2. Drink as much as you can before the police arrive.
    3. Go to court.....

    You don't even have to worry about finding a place to stay overnight, the boys in blue take care of that.
  12. keeffy you hermer. :D

    Played with pints - 12 per player, with either a shot of blackcurrant or 12 pints of Guinness denoting black.
  13. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    My bold.
  14. You can always try air raid - get slightly tipsy and then whenever someone (you have to appoint a referee) yells 'air-raid!!' at whatever point in the evening, the last one under cover downs a pint/shot/whatever.