Decent drinking establishments, in Berlin.


Going to Berlin in August, for day stag weekend. Can any one point us in the direction of some decent entertainment (and beer)?
Beware anyone giving advice that is not VERY recent - bars change hands there frequently.

I'll see what I can drum up - one of my erstwhile subordinates lives there.

When you wrote "decent" did you mean "decent" as in "vicar" or "decent" as in "don't tell my wife"?


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it's a stag weekend... I think the latter.

If it's the former though, head to the restaurant above the Reichstag. Very good food.


The Irish Bar in the Europa Centre at the top of Kurfurstendam (by the bombed out church) is a good place.

For some adult entertainment Club La Poupee in Charlottenburg.
The last time I went the strippers didnt get their knickers off....WTF even Mon Cheri's Not very exciting watching a stripper frolicking in the bath with her pants on......bitch.

When I went in 92 my mate got shagged in the bath by one of the birds....possibly the mum of the one I saw in 2006.

Berlin is a top city ( even though the strippers are now crap) Im sure there is still places suitable for stag parties but would be in the less respectable areas........ probably should have gone there in 2006 but we had a couple of women with us and we were pushing our luck anyway.
I am going there this weekend for a 5 day trip. I will hampered by taking the dragon with me, but will do my best to suss out a place or two. Last time I went was a so called family weekend and I took my wife and 2 daughters and a certain young officer, got detached from a stag weekend, from Osnabruck, they staggered in at 0500 p****d as newts! Ill find out where they went. Daughters and YO that is, wife was with me!!!


Many thanks for the replies.
It's definately a 'What goes on tour, stay on tour' w/e.
I'll pass the info on to the lad organising it.


During the summer there are a lot of ad-hoc 'beach' bars spring up on the Spree (see what I did there ).
Might be a good alternative to an indoor location weather permitting.
King Peter's Bar at bthe top of the Avus used to be a top place. Girls dancing in front of the tables and getting you up to dance/grope them and a full-on fukk and blow job on stage. Mind you, that was 1987 so maybe closed by now. Far better than Mon Cheri ever was, yes, been in the bath on more than one occassion.
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