Decent Dessies - Where ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Auld_Sapper, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. Since finding my ARRSE and refreshing long subdued memories I've got a burning desire to revisit my youth, get togged up ye'know, the jeans, unit sweatshirt, dessie boots and go down town and have a 'squaddie' night. Well, squaddie-ish, I'm getting on a bit now. T
    Thing is I can't lay hands on decent dessies and have'nt been able to for years. They've got suede boots, but they're the kinda style that auld grannies wear and the last time I enquired, a few years ago mind, the shop I'd used in the past told me that because of the end of Communism they could'nt get the regular ones in as they had been made in Poland and they were'nt making them anymore :?

    So come on guys, make an auld soldier happy. Where's yer scources for decent dessies, come on tell me !!!

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  2. got to wear the original "caterpillar" newbuck jobbies!!!!

    its the law.

  3. if you're talking about the "squaddie issue" dessies , with double loops instead of lace holes then you can still buy them ..... wait out and i'll do some digging around.
  4. If you want the issue ankle ones, Silvermans do them.
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I've seen the ones with loops instead of eyelets in "cheaper" shoe shops and I'm sure HM supplies in Catterick Garrison sells them.
  6. I went to Silvermans last week and I'm afraid they don't.
    I wanted the ankle, toecap, DMS style.
    Not been made for years, nothing similar on stock.
    Went to a local surplus shop who rummaged about and found a pair of no toecaps. Good value at a tenner.
    Oh watch out for the POL resistant soles- they aint up to tarmac bashing
  7. I'd be interested to know too. That's the 'proper' ones with double loops. The para cord for laces i can sort out meself.

    Preferably somewhere that flogs 'em online as i'm now an expat.

    My old pair are now in semi-retirement but it took years of hard work to get them into that well worn in state with that must have 'patina' that only comes with a lot of beer, p**s and blood :twisted: :D
  8. :D :D Woo-fackin-hoo !!! Guess what I just got in the post this morning ?, Yup, pair o' brand spankers, ganz noyer, fackin' dessie wellies !!

    Came from Troopers, 56 Military Road. Colchester, CO1 2AN, plug, plug, fackin plug.

    Cheers Cutaway, yer a fecking star dude ! I'll PM ye later.

    Now where's that fecking RE sweatshirt, I feel a blast from the past coming up :D

    Ubique ya bass !!! (in style !!)
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is it true that Police leave in West Lothian has now been cancelled?

    Maybe they will have to call out the dog squad! :wink:
  10. This pace is absolutely gleaming and has all the kit (old and New). I went prior to TELIC 1 and thay have C95, PLCE, combat/ptl vests. desis, junglies, 58 Pattern, etc. Really helpful and an excellent boots department (upstairs)

    Marcruss Casual Wear
    177-181 Hotwell Road, BRISTOL, Avon BS8 4RY
    T: 01179298348


  11. Sorry if you've been waiting a while (?!), but I'm quite sure this is what you are looking for:

    Gillie Tie Desert Boots £18 - HM Supplies (Dirtyshot) 01252 342788

    They will sew the BBC to the side if you require one (those who don't know what this is don't need one ) ... the guinness/urine stains need to be added yourself ?!