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Decent convertible for £20k for the wife

my wife has started a new job and as a treat wants a decent convertible, we looked at a couple of TT's today, which she likes. But i am just wondering what else there is out there and what people reccommend. Anything upto 20,000 or slightly more if its 'the one'
Depends on what the wife looks like. You might not get that much.. Mazda MX5 is a good one, Depends if you want a sporty number or a car from the bottom end of a range such as the Corsa with it's lid cut off and called a tigra?
What about an older Merc SL ? any newish sub 20k convertible is going to be fine for the Mrs to drive but on the occasions you drive it you will look like a gay hairdresser .....
You could get a fully loaded 3yr old Merc SLK 200 for sub 20k.

TTs are good fun, but the ride is a little hard, which is fine to begin with but 6 months in she'll probably start hating the car.
Right, never mind all this other pish. I'm going to do you a deal of a lifetime. I have a knackered old Rover 200. Runs fine, body works fine, just failed cos of emissions, that and an angle grinder. We cut the roof off the Rover, you give it your missus, and tell her its an extremely rare custom job, that cost 20k. Her being female, will be all like 'Oh wow its red and shiny' I get 5 grand you get 15 grand to wax on strippers and gin or guns or NDM bling medals or whatever, Hey presto we're all winners! What'dya reckon? No? Ok I'll get me coat
Got the Mrs a red slk 320 last year very very low millage for the year, full merc service history. Fully loaded and under 10K. Can't fault it.

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