Decent convertible for £20k for the wife

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by flynavy, May 26, 2012.

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  1. my wife has started a new job and as a treat wants a decent convertible, we looked at a couple of TT's today, which she likes. But i am just wondering what else there is out there and what people reccommend. Anything upto 20,000 or slightly more if its 'the one'
  2. Not sure if they do a convertible version, the Peugeot RCZ...

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  3. Depends on what the wife looks like. You might not get that much.. Mazda MX5 is a good one, Depends if you want a sporty number or a car from the bottom end of a range such as the Corsa with it's lid cut off and called a tigra?
  4. It has to be a decent make, no french cars and no chav mobiles
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Get her a Skoda and man the feck up.
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  6. MG gotta love 'em.
  7. What about an older Merc SL ? any newish sub 20k convertible is going to be fine for the Mrs to drive but on the occasions you drive it you will look like a gay hairdresser .....
  8. Agreed, because I drive one.
  9. You could get a fully loaded 3yr old Merc SLK 200 for sub 20k.

    TTs are good fun, but the ride is a little hard, which is fine to begin with but 6 months in she'll probably start hating the car.
  10. Yup thats the kind of thing... a friend just sold his SL63 AMG Black edition ... one quick car that sounded awsome and never had a single thing go wrong in two years of daily commuting 80 miles.
    I was thinking of the older W113 280 SL but it has to be driven by a classy bird
  11. Something British Leyland perchance... ;-) Triukmph 1.jpg Triukmph 2.jpg Triukmph 3.jpg Triukmph 4.jpg
  12. Got this for less than £3500. 1989, 69000 miles documented, 2.9 V6 lump, goes like the clappers.:policecap:

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  13. 20K for the wife? Fucks sake, you have more money then sense!

    Get her one of these and you can spend the 18k on booze and women.
    lada-convertible-02.jpg 2252705968_f4c08d150e_z.jpg