Decent complete push bike tool kit

Just bought a moutain bike and fancy stripping it down and having it power coated also might start a wee nice sideline up so could do with a decent complete tool kit that can do most tasks anyone recommend a good one?
Park are the gold standard and you can get some decent sets on Wiggle, ranging up to complete workshop kits. It depends on what sort of thing you're planning on doing - if you're getting to the stage of truing wheels and replacing bottom-brackets then you need to spend a bit of cash.
I would second the park tools option if its going to be more than occasional use - however Halfords do an own brand tool kit in a hard plastic case that covers most options , bottom bracket tools are often brand specific and even depend on what model it is - buy them as you need them.


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simple socket and allen key set with a crank removal tool, whoever does the coating will take the old stuff off like headset shells and bottom bracket and put them back if you ask them.

buy it as you need it and look on ebay as for most things its surprising how little you actually need
Or for only £25.00 you could try Lidl. Not where I generally get my tools from but you can sometimes pick up some reasonable kit. May be worth a look:



As with ALL tools, do you use them on a daily basis? If the answer is no, then buy at the lower end of the market I Build/Rebuild bikes on a weekly basis and I still only buy tools as and when, my lateset purchase was a chain tool from ASDA for £3, my last one was about 10yrs old.

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