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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Blokeonabike, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Ok, so my boy has decided he really likes climbing (as opposed to mountaineering, which may come later).

    All the good places I used to go when I was younger are a fair drive North from leafy Hampshire where I now live.

    Does anyone know any decent sites, accessable/open to the general public in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area or surrounding Counties? I am looking for single pitches maybe up to VS in difficulty and preferably that I could set up with a top-rope rather than lead climbing (it has been a while and my strength to weight ratio isnt what it once was).

    Grateful for any good leads as I would like to encourage my boy to continue with a sport at which he is moderately talented and actually interested.
  2. I used to boulder at Cheddar Gorge a while back, is that near enough?
  3. Thanks for both the hints, I'll look them up. I didnt know there was bouldering to be had at Cheddar Gorge, its probably worth a day out any way just for the gorge!
  4. Climbing walls also worth considering many moons ago we went to Calshot for school trip and there's a couple of students in the pub who go to one at Alton a lot
  5. WS, thanks but he already has a number of climbing walls he can use to train on. I want to get him out on real rocks!
  6. Get info from the local instructors, I got a number or routes and places to climb from them. All North East based.
  7. His sister is quite good at climbing too so it may well be something we do as a family weekend sort of thing in the near future (I could use the extra exercise). They are quite young still but in a few years I could see us doing some proper mountaineering. I havn't done Chamonix for a couple of decades but probably best to start them out in Wales.
  8. Don't blame you, I did some bouldering whilst at Templar, must be Harrisons rocks, remember it being good fun and quite challenging.

  9. Never climbed myself, but the cliffs at the north of Anglesey looked pretty good as we drove past in the RIB.....

    Anglesey Adventures | Rock Climbing Courses

    Isle of Man as well, especially at the southern end....

    Rock Climbing | Isle of Man | The Venture Centre
  10. Swanage (Anvil Point) was my favourite venue when I was based in Aldershot. There's some really superb sea cliff climbs at VS on good solid limestone. I went to Harrison's a few times, but it didn't really compare with Anvil Point's dramatic exposure and good lengthed pitches.