Decent chest rigs/ webbing. Need help to decide

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by gjs12, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Need some good suggestions
  2. Issue is pretty good...
  3. Without breaking Opsec. What is it that you do - Inf, Corps? What is your role? Are you vehicle based etc.
  4. Are you wearing it with osprey? I've switched to a blast belt with the issued pouches on. Just looking for options for a yoke for when I'm not in osprey (training).
  5. Infantry. But will be using vehicles a fair amount. I just find the issue stuff to be a bit shit. Also need to go over osprey.
  6. Fair enough- dixie's corner in Brecon do some pretty nice stuff, and there are some arrsers who run a company called 1157 tactical, but I can't remember their names.
  7. Mech or Light? If you've got Osprey comming then you want a set of kit that is going to marry up with Molle Straps - which means you want Molle pouches and Molle Belt kit. You can then switch out vital pouches between your belt kit and your Body Armour when you need to.

    Obviously with MTP coming in with the old PLCE straps, you should get something Multicam to match up with the new Camouflage but not get PLCE fastenings (I have no bloody idea why they haven't changed to Molle straps like everybody else in NATO when they introduce MTP - but I'm sure our friendly MOD expert will jump on and tell me why they didn't or they will switch to Molle as soon as they've finished the first MTP PLCE production run). PLCE won't match up with Osprey so I'd go belt kit Molle Padded Belt Sleeve - Olive Green [TAS-MBS-O] - £30.62 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment with a couple of fasteners - troopers of colchester has them - that will fix your belt order to your Osprey so you don't have the straps creating pressure points underneath. I did a review on a great Yoke that is worth investing in.

    If you're in and out of vehicles then Chest Rigs seem to be the way forward. But body Armour isn't going away so I have no idea why you would want to buy Chest Webbing - Your CBA is your chest webbing. I'd get at least two Multicam water bottle carriers and two Minimi pouches if you're Infantry - They hold a load of magazines but unlike the standard Ammo pouches aren't subdivided so they have more flexibility - and of course if you get the Minimi you gan stick link in them. The downside is that you might get Magazine Rattle. I'd still have a standard ammo pouch for your range work as well. HMSS Direct | G1098 Molle Minimi/M249 SAW Pouch
  8. Oh and are you Herrick bound. If you are I'd hold off on buying too many pouches. You'll get issued shed loads.
  9. how much do you want to spend ? these are quite good to start of with kit Monster then use issue molle pouches or buy your own. or buy a complete set. G1098 Tactical
  10. If your deploying buy a molle belt and just use the issue kit as it's not bad. If not and you want decent belt kit Jay Jays of breacon is the best around.
  11. Beware!
    With side plates fitted the latest Osprey is HUUUUUGE!
    most chest rigs are too small or the cross straps pinch the back of your neck.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    you could get the needle and thread out and modify an issue one to fit
  13. Well, funnily enough:

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  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    oooh! knives radios and a bb gun very ally :)

    do they let you keep the osprey vests? take the plates out and they look like a usefull laptop carrier