Decent Car Leasing Sites?

I'm hopefully moving from having a paid-for company car to getting a car allowance in the next few months, so need to lease something good but ideally under about £220 a month...the less the better so the money goes in my pocket! Does anyone know any decent sites for leasing cars?
Thanks in advance!
Hey! Thanks MSR.

I suddenly notice lots of soldiers on my site!

Update to all those who know me:
Thanks for all the referalls, moved into a new office "LINGsCARS World Headquarters". I've had a record year in 2007, £28m of new cars rented. Occasionally I notice someone on my site from an arsse thread. Hope everyone is well, glad to see not too many have to suffer Iraq any more. Feel free to send me an e:

Hahahaha, Shan is NOT in the suspension test movie.

I have my bus outside my office, not my missile truck. Puttee, I have several staff now, 2 x part time IT, 2 x full time admin and next week I have 2 x full time sales starting. Plus Jon my hubby. I am aiming for 1% of UK car market.

During the working day M-F 9-6 I have several webcams on, you can access from my webpage top right. But I turn them off out of office hours for security.

My list of cars has doubled since I was here on arrse full time as sponsor, so I have been really busy. Luckily the boss here told me he would keep my account open.

You should be in bed sleeping, not playing with computers at 3am, puttee.
Hey, I thing you want to save some money from your company’s car allowance and it is really very good thought for earning extra money. I am with you and say there are many websites available on the net where you can get cars on lease. I know one among of them called It provides plenty of choice and special offers for customers. Hope this will work out for you.
Good luck!

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