Decent boozers in Grantham

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brettarider, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Off on course there for 2weeks not CMSR so hould be having&allowed time outside the wire were's a decent watering hole?
  2. Sixty

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    Why on earth would you want to? The NAAFI (now called the 20/20 Club) is both cheap and fun :D
  3. Because maybe I'd just like to get out of camp for a change :D
  4. Que Pasa
  5. UBRE cse
  6. Is there such a thing? Unfortunately you wont experience the delights of the old sticky carpet.
  7. Que pasa is probably the best one, another good one is the play house.
  8. are you on commision or something the naafi is shiiiiite!
    there is no such thing as a good pub in grantham the cheapest is the tolly
    que pasa and the play house are ok but not brilliant now if you want to pull a fat minging slapper then go to the royal oak it would be the new sticky carpet but it hasn't got any carpets just get dropped off in a taxi by the royal ok there are loads of pubs round there find the one you like best yourself there are a couple of night clubs 90 degrees is one and i cant remember the name of the other but its full of chavs and druggys que pasa and the royal oak stays open till late o clock though
  9. I have to say that is pretty fair assessment of the situation - better off heading out to Nottingham for the night
  10. The other is called WOW (wasted on westgate) I assure you you wont say wow! 90 degrees is poo but thats where the burds go. There are some nice pubs but no nice clubs. Que Pasa is OK ish, Blue Pig was nice but under new management, cant comment now. Westgate is where all the towns bars are but it's a chav hotspot (you'll see all the novas and saxos parked up in the car park). Goose at the Bank has some good guest ales its a wetherspoons as is the tolly so foods OK. If minging council estate skutters are your thing, you'll love the oak!! Nearest pub I think is the Ropsley Fox out of town, in town best off hitting the town centre.

    Actually some top pussy goes out in Grantham but the signal to noise ratio is diabolical ;)
  11. Do they still produce the banned pubs list these days?
  12. The most amazing thing is that the Stig is still alive and not dose ridden, Granth-yawn or not! Gung-Ho from the Weeman.
  13. To add to my last Que Pasa, reasonable drink prices, poles to dance on or to watch women dance on (ohhh the delight last sat), a disproportionate amount of fatties and grannies but a few gems amongst the rough.
  14. Being in self-imposed exile from Grantham (but returning to see the parents when I have to) I can comment reasonably on the Grantham pub/club situation.

    Clubs: they're all shite beyond belief. If you want a late drink, like people have said, head for Que Pasa. A bit poo, but it's the best available.

    Town pubs: bit better off here. If you're looking for cheap beer, the Tollemache opposite the Post Office is an ok Wetherspoon's. Goose at the Bank on the High Street is ok as well. For modern, stylish, forget it, though again Que Pasa may come close. Good old man pubs are the Blue Pig near the church (new landlord seemed ok last time I was there); heard good things about the Marquis of Granby in the Market Place (it used to be rough as hell); Beehive in Castlegate was where I did most of my underage drinking, but now attracts people who have to shave, so may be worth a look.

    Village pubs: much better served with these. Personal favourites are the Houblon Arms in Oasby and Stag in Barkston; guarenteed proper (free) bar snacks in both, plus decent beer, and no worries about staying post-11pm.
  15. Cheers for the advice chaps :D