Decent all round bike suggestions?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Horridlittleman, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. On posting in the summer I will be living a whole 7 miles away from work! Shock horror for the never served and ex-serving but I have generally always lived within a mile or so of camp! Unfortunately early middle age spread and my natural laziness have turned me into a horridlittlefatman and I intend cycling to and from work each day to help fight the flab.

    I currently have an old front suspension mountain bike that has seen better days and am looking to buy a new bike. Does anyone have any suggestions on a decent commuting bike that I can rattle around dirt tracks in my spare time?

    Any top tips about must haves; are disk brakes worthwhile etc.

  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Wear cotton over lycra. This helps cool you in the hot weather because sweat leeches from the clinging lycra into the absorbant cotton layer. Plus, cotton is less likely to damage the wing mirrors on The Jag if you stray into my path.

    And oil your chain.
  3. Just noticed that you want to do off-roading too.

    Cyclo-cross bikes are quite popular for the commute and for something a bit rougher at the weekend.

    Just a thought.

    Cyclo cross bikes
  4. My fat head will leave a nasty dent though!

    My chain is never a problem. My brakes however are always rubbish.
  5. Get a ridgeback hybrid, sorted.
  6. spring is in the air, this is the third sensible bike thread this month

    Cancel that, my bad. Whiskey brain read motorbike from the thread title
  7. Cheers. I had a look at ribble and they seem a bit over engineered for a fat bloke plodding through town. Tried the link for wiggle but it seems a bit slow, so I'll check tomorrow.
  8. commuting by bike will enhance your life
  9. Sorry but using the search function for bikes just brings up all of the 'cars, bikes and afv' threads!

    It's merely coincidence that my request comes with the good weather. It just happens that I found out my future SFA address today.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Heh. The only thing I know about top-end mountain bikes? My mate Gaz pays almost as much to have his bike serviced every year as I do to have my car serviced. Disk brakes and funny gas suspension are high-end maintainence.

    My advice? Buy a Jag and pull a blond. That way you.... ah, fuck. Its still your arrse in the air, clad in Lycra and costing you a fortune, innit?

    We just cant win. I wish you joy of your bike.
  11. Buy a jag - still driving a pad mobile unfortunately.

    Pull a blond - I'm horrid, little and fat; the wife will kill me; maybe when I'm just horrid and little.

    My arrse in the air - I can only apologise for those of you suffering from an unwelcome eclipse.
  12. i have just bough a GT aggressor xc 3 from halfords. genuine saving, £440 now down to £299. A pretty good spec bike, good all rounder and ok off road. well worth a look.
  13. It just so happens that I am looking at that right now and checking out the reviews. It's certainly looking like a good option.
  14. Get on eBay. Loads of bikes-but look for the 'genuine reason for sale' and talk them through it. That way you'll sort the 'bought in a mad rush but never rode' from the 'hotter than a stove'. Great bargains to be had-for your kind of commuting/off roading you wont need discs/suspension. Too much faffing.
    Get shorts with padding. You wont regret it. And gloves/mitts with padding. Again you wont etc. Think about cleats (clippy things to clip pedals to shoes) a bit later on. You wont go back to sheets and blankets..

    If set on a new one, anything less than about 200 nicker is just a bike shaped object that will be more trouble than the 'saving' you think you are making. Crap parts that will break/break off. Get a lock worth 20% of the bikes value. Hybrids are dead easy to shift in a pub so do the right thing.
    Helmet very optional. Loads of reasons why, but if you are set on one, get a Giro/Specialized/Rudy Project, set you back about 30-50 quid, or more if you get carried away. And the thing about bikes is...its real easy to get carried away with all the bits. Again, eBay is your wingman.