December Pay

Come on Sluggy, this one is has your name all over it.
Tired of being told that we're 'seemingly' being paid on the 21st.
Truth or blatant lie?
Ready to be laughed at.
The End of the World is on the 21st.

You'll be paid on the 22nd.
I heard all Armed Forces pay for December was being donated to the LGBT Society, thus proving how inclusive HM forces really is.
I'm definitely getting paid on the 20th.

But then I'm not in the Army anymore and my company pays us early in December so that the pay guy doesn't have to come in and do it during the Christmas holiday.
People get paid? I thought Military personnel served for the privilege?


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But seriously will I be able to get my RSM pension as I am leaving as a 22 year private this month.


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If you put your Regt Number in backwards, you can get £1000 and a voucher for a free turkey from Tesco.
I don't like turkey, can I get it pheasant instead please.
I don't care if I've been paid or not, because I budget wisely and always make sure there's enough money in the bank to tide me over. I also have a massive cock.
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