December Pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Rugby_Mad, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick one...anyone have any ideas what date pay for December will be going out? Heard that it will be on the 31st but also been told sumtime between christmas and new years?

    Thanks alot
  2. Just the same as always, and the same answer that has been given countless times on this site:


    Never heard of 'search'?
  3. Careful now Legs, you'll get accused of being a troll by JT4873483648364826, and then you are in trub, cos they know everything. Ever ever ever EVER. :roll:
  4. [small] I've always thought it was the last friday of the month...[/small]

    OK I've checked. It is on the last working day of the month that we get paid.
  5. Except he's not trolling. I see you managed to completely evade the subject matter and manage to have a dig at someone else quite secsussfully though. :wink:
  6. My last working day was 18th - checked, pay wasnt in :D
  7. C'mon, be truthful-your last working day was long before the 18th!!!
  8. Okay, it was 15th October but hey, gotta pretend you know or they wont pay me
  9. So, 1st Monday of the month then :?
  10. Hey DS, on your world, it probably is...
  11. has anyone been paid into their german accounts yet?
  12. Yep, the wife said it went in yesterday.
  13. Dont you go down to the Sparkasse as soon as the pay statements are in for an overdraft anyway? :p
  14. Yep, mine went in yesterday.