Dont listen to rumours. Not as far as I know, and I am pretty close to the issueing end
Sorry to hear that (the pay bit anyway), but thats slightly different to the rumour that Decembers Pay has been fecked up, as that implies everyones
The Hamsters that are powering the UNIBONK at AFPAA have gone on XMas leave so half the Tranmissions are falling into the abyss. Just keep that overdraft option open, you never know.......

IT_GEEK said:
Dont listen to rumours. Not as far as I know, and I am pretty close to the issueing end
Can you shed any light on the fiasco with the Pay 2000 lump sums that some of us were given - has the Pay Master General decided whether or not we have to pay it back again.
Howay_the_lads, check your PM's
Ok, can anyone tell me why sometimes my PM's sit in my outbox for ages, and other times they go almost instantly? Whats the forum setting for emtying outboxes anyone know?
far as i'm aware the pm's stay in your outbox until the recipient signs in again!
ahhh, that might explain it, thx


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IT_GEEK said:
Dont listen to rumours. Not as far as I know, and I am pretty close to the issueing end
When I first started working on the other side of Winchester, I bumped into a former colleague whose career and mine had been extremely similar and contemporaneous.

I was led to believe that they no longer use the beasts they used to use to process the Credit Of Pay (Record of Service, Pensions and all the other runs), using more distributed machines.

I dunno how your pay could ever be right if that is the case.

Right now I am grooming my nipper to come and work with me in a Big Blue Suit (we haven't worn them now for many years). He has met with the slogan, "What weighs two tonnes and runs extremely quickly?"

But what do I know? Courtesy of RAPC CC I am a Mainframosaurus with a job for life.

Train a man in Windows TM and you'll be retraining him again in a few years when the next release comes out. Train him in z/OS and he has a job for life.

Want to join? Got the experience? Form a queue.
funny i recived a payment from glasgow a few days ago, do not what for and i cant speak to the admin office, it was quite close to my monthly pay.

any ideas :cry:

not looking forward to dec 31
but ive put the money away.
Salad646 PM me your number and I can tell you what its for

AlienFTM, you were lied to, they are still the same machines of old :D just moved down to Centurion. Not for much longer of course, The mainframe is dead, long live JPA :(

Anyone else hear the rumour about JPA needing bigger hardware to cope with the load the Army is going to add to it? 2 used but fairly solid IBM 390's anyone?
Ventress said:
Mrs V didnt get her RPOD, or whatever you call it now due an error with JPAC. Gits.
JPAC? Thats JPA, are you (or Mrs V Army?)

I have tried really hard to avoid posting cynical posts defending Glasgow, but I can resist no longer :D The sad but true fact is that it is always easier to blame a faceless entety than accept blame yourselves, so when you unit admin clerk/pay clerk is faced with hairy a$$ed guys asking him why the pay isnt right, Glasgow is an easy target.

But the simple fact is 90% if all the pay and allowances are fully automated, as soon as they are keyed in, they go up the line to Glasgow and are processed nightly by the mainframe. The Mainframe doesn't have an "intray" that stuff stays sat in, i bet your admin guys do :D

I am not saying Glasgow are blameless for anything as if there are errors, it is their job to sort them out and rekey them if neccessary. Plus I will admit that there are certain populations that are having problems, but "the entire TA, or "whole army" isn't one of them.

Now more sad news for those that are being dealt with by Glasgow :( A huge amount of the staff who "knew the ropes" have already been moved to support JPA for the other services. Their old posts are now being backfilled by temp staff who are having to be retrained and don't know all the shortcuts the others did. Sad but true.

But my final comment on this subject is "are you sure the clerk is telling you the truth about your claims/wages?" Ask to see proof of transmission, what date did it go off etc. Dont let them fob you off with, "its problems at Glasgow"
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