December 25 - street lighting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. I hear on the radio that several local authorities have been infiltrated by the p.c. Nazis who insist that street lights around the end of December must NOT be called C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S lights. They have to be given a less emotive name. Suggestions are celebrity lights, party lights etc.
    I hope I am not alone in ARRSE when I will be calling these decorative features, that are part of ouir heritage, ISRAELITES.
  2. I think your missing the point. This is progress towards a united Britain, void of the Christian values it was built on. I look forward to local authorities banning other religious/races festivals too. Will that happen?
  3. Just who are these people who are offended by Christmas? Not the Muslims, because otherwise they wouldn't sell Christmas puddings, Christmas cards and so on (or alcohol or porn at any time, for that matter). There'd be no lights outside Harrods. Not the Jews, or you wouldn't be able to get your turkey from Tesco. Not Hindus or Buddhists, as they are tolerant of other beliefs.

    Apparently Lambeth Council justifies the ban on referring to Christmas by saying that it's because there are other religious festivals at around the same time of year. True, but surely each has its own name which is important to whichever religion celebrates it, and rightly so.

    So, it's just the 'we know best' local authority idiots who seem to want to crush all references to the fact that the majority of Britain's population is white and (nominally) Christian.

    I call it all commercially orientated tat, in any case, which really have nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with businesses making money.
  4. This Jesus bloke was born in April, all the Christmas things were an attempt to graft the 'new' religion of Christianity onto the old 'pagan' practices.

    Well, fcuk the lot of 'em. But these PC types get my goat because they just won't stop changing things.

    Ho ho ho !.

    Bah humbug
  5. Even in ethnically diverse Oldham, with our large Bangladeshi and Pakistani non-christians, Its still going to be Christmas Lights, with a Christmas tree, and works fcuking Christmas parties. Do these tw@ts who dream up such flannel not understand that most non-christians still give presents, decorate the house, and have a good time?. I’d like to see a link on this one.
  6. I see Selby have got their festive lights sorted.
    Nice sequence too.
    Red and amber.

    'Political Correctness is the language of cowardice.' - W Conolly.
  7. When I go on holiday to a differtent they stup/suspend/rename any local festivals until we leave again?


    Why should we erode OUR heritage from OUR country?

    Soap box...dismiss..
  8. It's just the PC Nazis gone mad!
    In my opinion all I think actions like this do is actually increase negative feelings towards those groups which these implementations are theoretically trying to appease. It makes the average joe on the street believe the jews/hindus/muslims etc etc are the ones who are actually enforcing these ideas, when in reality the majority of time it is some middle-aged hippified woman on the local council who doesn't actually understand the ideal of equality for ALL!

    Grrrrr it sodding get's on my t its! They ARE Christmas lights and that's that! Hrummphhffff!
  9. Can't be long until they re-name 25 Dec "Winter Celebration Day" (Can't call it a holiday, that implies religion as well), but then not everyone would be celebrating so I suppose its gonna become "Late Dec Bank Closed Day"

    Its such good fun living in "The Multi-cultural Island off The Coast of Mainland Europe", wonder what Queen Victoria would think?
  10. Here you go - Can we have one of your cartoons now I've done that?
  11. Here you go - Can we have one of your cartoons now I've done that?
  12. wait out

    Well in, thats why we don't want you feckers running the country :)