Decapping Berdan Cases

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Drlligaf, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. I have about 700 7.62 Berdan primed cases which I would like to reload, but there is the small problem of decapping them. I have the RCBS tool which is not really all that good. I reckon that the hydraulic method would be better, however a search of the internet has not revealed any hydraulic decappers. So the first question do any Arrsers know of a dealer who sells such devices?
    Second question concerns this device:

    Does anyone have any experience of this decapper and is it any good?

    PS For a laugh get a load of the highest bidders name.
  2. From what I read, hydraulic decapping seems to be done using cobbled together home made tools.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have the RCBS tool which was necessary for some odd cases I had, with .308 just scrap them or in fact I'll take them as scrap and you can have some cheaply priced once fired target quality brass in part ex!
  4. I thought the biggest problem with these was not the de-capping - bad enough - but seating the new primers, where the seating depth was critical. Too deep and BANG!

    Wear your eye protection!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I never had any dramas with it!edited to add I do know of a Kiwi who hurt an eye priming normally so you cant legislate against people doing people things. Worst thing was he is an experienced shooter/reloader and competes at national level! Shallow gene pool methinks!
  6. You could certainly buy hydraulic decappers a few years ago - made by Wamadet ISTR. It was basically a steel tube with a primer sized hole in the bottom and a piston.

    Put the whole lot in a bucket of water, drop the case on the tube, seat the piston on top and welly it with a lump hammer - instant bukake.

    You then had to spend hours reaming the lip out of the primer pockets so you could seat a new primer and annealing the necks so they were soft enough to resize.

    With the availability of cheap boxer brass they've probably stopped making them. I certainly don't miss them.

  7. The WAMADET is the badger if you can find one.. messy but effective.

    The "spike" Berdan decapper works a bit like a tin opener, but there is an ever present danger of damaging the anvil - I could never get them to work...

    Wamadets are no longer made, although they occasionally turn up. I borrowed one off a mate and copied it - I use it for decapping original .310 cadet cases. It works very well and is surprisingly sophisticated in it's design...

    Berdan primers are also a bit of a 'mare to get hold off, even if you visit RG with deep pockets..

    Best do what Ugly says; scrap em and get some proper Boxer cases... not worth the grief for 7.62
  8. Being here in Germany where the things are made, it's a bit easier to get them. I have found a supplier who charges € 34.00 per thousand, which is only a tad more expensive than Boxer at around € 32.00 per thousand. I know that its a bummer trying to decap them, but the thought of ditching 700 cases just goes against the grain. As an aside I can still vividly remember as an impoverished young airman I even reloaded 2Z, and I still have the decapping tool. Bad habits just don't die.
  9. That's why I havent weighed in over 100kg of .303 and 7.62 brass that I'm still sitting on. The 303 is all boxer too...... :/