Decade of War...

Exciting thread title, but inane thread - my apologies.

Has anyone seen the supplement that came with a recent issue of Combat and Survival? I don't read it, and hence haven't seen it but I was informed that there is a top quality ally photo of me in there. I just wondered if they got my good side.
I saw that. Are you in Afghanistan or Iraq at the moment or were you in an earlier conflict?
It's not me on the cover, I have no idea which picture I've managed to get my fizzer in. It could be anything from the last ten years judging by the supplement title. Whilst it may be erring towards hubris I did wonder about what media ops images are knocking around of 'oneself'. I seem to remember that toms have to sign a kind of 'release' form for Home Town Boy stories accompanied by grinning mugshots etc but embedded photographers and CCTs get all the ally phots that you may never actually see. If that makes sense.

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