Deca Enduroman (10 x Ironman triathlons in 10 days)

Mate at work (ex Royal Marines) is competing in this event and raising money for Help for Heroes, thought I would give him a plug on here. The challenge is to complete 10 full Ironman triathlons on 10 consecutive days, it starts on 1st June in the New Forest. There are only about a dozen people taking part in the Deca, last year only 3 finished. There are also a quin,triple and double Ironman competitions taking place. The event website is Enduroman Ltd* -* Arch to Arc -* Deca* Iron UK - Double and Triple Iron UK - Double Iron Lanzarote,* Ultra Triathlons

His fundraising site is

Chris's Deca - Enduroman Challenge
Looks like he's going to be race number 11, there's a live link from the Enduroman website once the race starts on 01/06/12.
One down nine to go.
First Ironman completed in 14 hours, seven minutes and nine seconds.
Swim 1.04.49
Bike 7.37.26
Run 5.24.54

Surely thats worth a few quid for H4H.
Day 2, he completed the swim in 1.06.14.
Day 2, he completed the bike in 7.36.20.
Wow...can we have some before and after pics of this raving lunatic?

But good on him! I'll donate £2 for every day he completes. Anybody care to raise me?
There are pics of the competitors on the twitter feed, via the link in the original post.
Day 2 run time 5.24.43, complete Ironman time for day 2, 14.07.17.

2 down 8 to go.
Day 3 round up
run time 6.07.41
ironman man time day 3, 14.38.59
cumulative time for event 42.53.25.
Day 4 completed
bike 8.25.08
run 6.40.09
ironman time 16.14.37.
The fundraising target for this challenge is £5,000 pounds so far £360 have been pledged. As if the challenge isn't hard enough its been chucking it down for most of the day, he's had a mechanical with his bike, but is digging deep and plodding on.
Day 5
swim time 1.11.04
bike time 9.48.33 including around 90 mins dealing with a mechanical.
running now
Day 5 round up
run 7.24.42
ironman time 18.24.19
Day 6, of the 11 starters 9 are still going, they are now joined by those doing 5 ironman events in 5 days.

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