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Hi, anyone out there who can help? Recently posted to Germany but ID causing probs as been refused! Can only think it is because of my former debt probs. Have contacted companies saying want agreements etc., in writing and DVA have contacted me last year saying "they are watching" problem and would contact me again in another 6 months. Not heard from them yet but am assuming the problem gettng my ID is because of this. Am told that MANY people have problems and as long as debt is under a 50K (which mine is and all over 4 years old) not to worry but am worried sick!!!
You need to speak to either your boss or go and have a chat with your Padre or WRVS who will be able to get you to speak to someone to hopefully sort this out. There are numerous debt companies out there who offer to help but your best trying to find one tahst reccomended, if your back in the UK go and speak with Citizen Advice Bureau. Dont hide it as you say its starting to affect your job so act now and hopefully get things sorted with addittional help, Im had quite a number of young lads and lasses in your position and there are people who can give you really good advice.

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One such place in March 2011 Soldier magazine is:

Specialist UK Debt Advisors to Citizens & Military Personnel Worldwide on 01732451133 or in UK 08006525113 email


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But read the small print.

There are enough horror stories around about how the debt solution firms were not fully open about the risks - leading to a number of unfortunate people being in a worse situation than when they started. Don't be pressured into signing anything immediately - take a day or so to think about it first and ask for advice.

The suggestion about the Citizens Advice Bureau is a good one - you should get impartial advice from there.

Thanks for that people. I am a civi working for an org contracted by the MOD and have been for the past 3 years, I have been honest with the DVA form and like i said the last letter was saying that they wanted to know what i was doing so i explained that i was in contact with the CAB. Then met a really good guy who helped me send out letters to these credit companies requesting the agreements, all of which didnt do anything and i also said in the letter that i would not discuss anything on the phone but they should write, so they just continued sending the usual letters or saying they would reduce my debt. Its just a bit worrying that i have worked for 3 years and now in Germany my ID is not coming straight through so am assuming this is why!
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