Debt - "statute of limitations"?


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One point i made out to a bloody useless dentist practice who tries to LBA, letter before action me , I asked for copy invoice because I had never ever heard of the £60+ charge and had no idea why they had left it over a year to contact me . When the invoice came it wasnt. A proper legal invoice , it was a tastefully produced document produced by one of the part time students who worked for them. S o called the finacial controler to poing out thet this invoice was not a legal document in any way , gave her some of the missing items eg. Company details and reg office address, lack of Purchase order number not invoice number .... I save up about four other items just in case . Never head from them since , this was last year and I m still loking for a "proper dentist" in the area , not one who has collage leavers in for six months of Job experience before they go on to mum or dads firm .

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