Debt may force NHS service cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Consultants - What the f@ck do we pay managers for.
  3. Good god wake up, wards are closing already, posts blocked when vacant, at my trust they have actually reduced medical & nursing posts.

    At the same time managers insist that targets are maintained with a fraction of the staff & funding.

    I honestly believe that there will be NHS trusts this year that call the receivers in.

    My trust actually increased its HR in an attempt to reduce funding. Cut casualty nursing posts, frozen every vacant senior nursing post, closed 2 wards & has for the first time I’m aware of frozen junior Dr posts
  4. There has to be some kind of limit on NHS spending :(
    The country simply cannot afford the Health and Social Security bill as it is, logic suggests spending must be cut sometime.
    Not popular but inevitable?
  5. An NHS Trust in Scotland (Argyll & Clyde) is being "dissolved" over budgetary failures, and its assets and responsibilities divided between the two adjoining Trusts.
  6. Very true jagman, but waiting lists will increase, services will diminish & inevitably people will die.
  7. STOP BEING SO FRIGGIN ALARMIST! Tony and his mates have got it all sorted. I saw on Channel 4 news tonight that they are going to put Doctors and Nurses into Tesco and other supermarkets. So, when you go in to stock up on the fags, booze and cholesterol, help is on hand to sort out all the problems that those thing can cause. Initially, it is only a GP type service envisaged but they are hoping to progress into a much more developed service capable of offering minor surgery. Could be the answer to all the NHS problems with the "Buy one get one free", "Buy two get the third one half price" offers. Could even put those little chain things on the ambulances. You know, put in a quid and if you make it to the hospital? you get your quid back! The fcuking mind boggles!
  8. Yeah my local hospital is closeing..... many a time I've needed to be there after cutting my thumb off when using a pillar drill, breaking my hand when playing rugby and generally other check ups. Its an old building they say it needs to be closed because it need updateing but its going to affect a lot of people seeing as the nearest hospital is a good 20 minutes away.
  9. "What the **** do you pay managers for?" Well mostly to manage whatever the last five year plan dreamed up by the government. Certainly not to lead. And there is the problem of the NHS in a nutshell. The shit rises to the top.

  10. Ours too, but I wish the nearest was only 20minutes away, 30minutes over a road at 2000feet elevation if it snows heavily you're looking at closer to an hour to the nearest alternative.
    Fact remains that the country is not getting value from the NHS for what it costs us and something must be done.
  11. Actually, if you compared it to either U.S. or European models the NHS is incredible value for money. There is however massive wastage and ineffieciency at every level of service and procurement, partly because since it's "free" no one has any sense of the cost or value of treatment. From the d**khead who calls for an ambulance because he cut his finger after a pissed night out or the consultant signing a presciption for the latest cancer treatment costing thousands for someone is hours from death. Pharmaceutical and supplies companies make hideous profits from the NHS because of the lack of of 'smart' procurement. The new PFI hospitals are a case in point, working at one in the south England, since the consortium own the right to the building and it's up keep the Trust was paying £800 to them for fitting a double plug socket in an office room. You can only imagine the cost of anything structural.

  12. The other week a friend of mine was supposed to go into hospital for a major operation

    on the day the person supposed to have gone in hospital they phoned her to say she could not have the operation due to the bed manager cancelling it .
    they said she can have the operation in about twoweeks time only to be told she can have the operation but they cant guarantee what ward she will be on at the hospital or if she will be moved to another hospital after her operation

    In addition, to make matters worse the trust knew that they could send my mate to have a p.e.t. scan done to see if her problem was cancerous or not even though the only one in the part of the country was in a private hospital she is still waiting so I looks like she will never have the scan before her operation so now she will have to have more extensive elective surgery
  13. I'm a bit too a**eholed to write anything meaningful at this point. However if they were talking about a P.E.T scan I imagine they were at least discussing a primary diagnosis? If not further down the ladder of treatment? They or someone from the family should contact the G.P. and explain what is happening, the trust cannot legally negate their responsiblity to offer this if it is clinically indicated. Will have a blether and P.M. something meaningful/useful tommorow.

  14. My ma passed away following a stroke.
    She was in hospital for say 5 days and the Nursing service was good. No complaints.
    However on my daily visits I was aware that there was more 'Support staff/Managers' then Nurseing medical staff.
  15. True the US spends around 13-14% of GDP on health care UK spends 7-8%.