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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King-walt, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. I was using virgin media 50mb last year, had problems in the speed for some time and complained on and on and eventually cancelled the service and steadfastly refused to render payment for the service as it wasn't upto scratch, now I've got some Rossendales Debt Collectors sending me letters to my house threatending a personal visit to come and obtain full payment for a sum of £140.80, whats my options? Anyone ever had an issue with some form of debt collectors, can I not just tell them to f**k off?
  2. Debt collectors can be fecked off. It is only a court-appointed bailiff who can, once a court order has been granted, start seizing your stuff.

    NB that some licensed bailiffs run debt collection agencies. In communicating with you the debt collectors may make it seem as if the communication is from the bailiff side & is therefore collection is legally enforceable. Without the court order it is not.

    Some help here and here.
  3. Did you verbally refuse to pay - if so, you have no proof.

    Did you refuse to pay for poor service and do it in writing - if so, you have proof and can possibly threaten to throw the problem to some telecoms ombudsman if they refuse to rein in their debt collector and also threaten them with legal action for stress and worry.

    I had a mate who was ex Legion and did a bit of debt collecting for an agency oooop in Yaahkshah. He told me: Unless they have a piece of paper from a court they do not get in the door; people make the mistake of believing they have the right just to walk in and sieze your colour telly to repay the debt; they will politely knock, you open the door and the foot goes in.........thats when (in my plod experience) it gets tricky - the question is who assaulted who when fists and tempers fly and they travel in pairs so they can back each other up as far as statements are concerned. An interesting fact my mate did tell me though was, if you cross their palm with silver and outright tell them that is all you can afford they have to take it and feck off.

    I'm probably out of date with all that, but thats what I know.

    ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE: If a debt collector is after you there will possibly be an entry against you in the small claims court. One of these will affect your credit rating and ability to get loans, mortgages, etc. If you do decide to pay it off make sure that if there is a small claims entry against you that it is removed.

    They may just be bluffing it at the moment though to save themselves the expense of a small claims court entry, its worth finding out.

    Good luck.

    Edit: Just remembered my Legion mate also told me: They can only sieze items belonging to the individual that has the debt - so make sure everything belongs to your Mrs; and, they cannot sieze anytools of your trade to prevent you making a living.
  4. Write a letter to the debt collection agency explaining your grievance with virgin and how they failed to meet the conditions of your original contract. Then tell them any further demands for money from them will be treated as harrassment and reported to the old bill, legal action to follow. This should put off all but the dumbest of chancers.
  5. they all have 2 heads and webbed feet in rossendales so you should be ok :)
  6. Two ways of dealing with this if you care about your credit rating go here for lots of usfeul information and template letters. Debt subforums:-

    Or tell them to **** off the letter is likely to be an empty threat issued to people who dont know how it works. Simply they rely on scare tactics to get payment as they have paid peanuts for the debt and look to make as much profit as possible from you. Baliffs and court orders are uneconomical for a debt of £140.00
  7. Has anyone actually ever dealt with these c**ts before though its all good saying this and that, I'll take the advice as mentioned by Scooby but this is what I'm reading in this letter, just got back from Heathrow after seeing off my lil cuz,

    "Further to our previous communications you should note your file has been passed to one of our debt collectors who will visit your house in the next few days to obtain full payment


    Sending full payment by return of post

    Rah rah rah call this number etc

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE your account will NOT be overlooked. We intend to obtain full payment" :)

    Maybe I should write back to this advising I intend to eat your girlfriends pussy?
  8. Good helpful answer - but just to be clear on this point, no there won't.

    The only thing that goes on your credit record is an UNSATISFIED County Court Judgement (a "CCJ"). This means that they have taken the case to a county court, the judge has decided against you (i.e. that you are in breach of contract) and - importantly - that you have STILL not then paid. It is also only at this point that bailiffs can get involved and have the right to come and take your stuff.

    For £140 it seems unlikely they will go to court. Also if you never got the service they would have a hard time convincing the judge you were in breach of contract.

    You will just have to try and get them off your back or dig in and put up with the harrassment. But remember that "debt collector" is meaningless, they have no powers. It's no different to someone owing you money. You might well want to go round and take some of their stuff, but you'd have no right to.
  9. I had an argument with the Local Council over Refuse Collection and,
    stupidly, refused to pay my Council Tax, they set these sods onto me,
    in the end I obviously had to pay.

    I took great pleasure in ringing them from Heathrow with my Card Details
    with the Announcer(in those days) giving details of our flight to Nairobi
    in the background, childish, yes but I just wanted the twats to know I
    wasn't skint, watch them, they are like Vultures.
  10. King Walt, this is all hot air unless there is a court order against you. Probably best not to ignore it completely, but a polite telephone call/letter to the debt collectors to warn them they are harassing you & you intend to take the matter to the relevant ombudsman unless they cease & desist should do the trick or make them go to the courts.
  11. That is exactly the route I took when dealing with various debt collection firms and the billing department of a large multi-national media company. The thing to do is never back down. If these vultures get a whiff of fear they will be all over you. Always remember their preferred "clients" are the weak and the vulnerable, the little old ladies of this world. The morons who were attempting to harass me must have wasted a small fortune in their failed efforts to get me to pay them £27-00. in the last Six months. Last week I recieved two grovelling letters and an even more grovelling phone call. Yes, I did gloat.
  12. Just remember the difference between debt collectors & bailiffs. The former may well threaten or try to gain entry to your place & take your property but they are not permitted to.

    The latter, & this is quite scary, can if they gain admission to your gaff start marking things to be taken to settle the debt. They aren't allowed to break in, but they can get in through an open door or window & then they cannot be stopped from taking goods. Another bailiff trick is to say, "let's talk about it quietly inside" or use some other pretext to get into the house.

    As I've said if you had bailiffs after you you'd probably know about it. Doesn't help with the intimidation by the debt collection monkeys I know...

    Edit to add:

  13. This won't be any help to you but...
    I had threats from a debt collecting agency while I was in cyprus over a tiny amount - less than £30 I think. I'd been using a cheap international call provider - you ring 'em, hang up and they ring back, you then dial the number you need... dead simple Importantly you only pay for the calls you make, no standing charges.
    I stopped using it as the Cypriot phone company used to block the calls.
    I suddenly got a debt collecting agency send three letters demanding payment and or they'd send someone round to collect goods.
    I rang them up stating why I wasn't paying as I'd not used the service and I'd not been provided with a itemised bill (again as part of the service) so they put it all on hold till I get the bill. The bill arrives, not itemised. Debt collecting agency gets in touch again with the threats for the next 6 months.
    Eventually, after many letters back and forth I got an admission that the whole thing was a computer error...
    I wonder how many 'errors' were made, and how many people paid up straight away?
  14. Ok cheers fellas, I've forwarded this note by email to the feckin dogs

    In reply to your correspondence dated 22nd July 2011,

    "This is a polite advisement that unless you cease and desist sending any form of correspondence I'll be counting this as harassment and taking the matter to the relevant ombudsman,

    Payment has not been rendered to Virgin Media Ltd in the first place because of an ongoing fault which was never resolved, not that I need to discuss this with yourselves anyway,

    Kind Regards,


    Shouldn't be too hard to enforce a complaint anyway
  15. I had a shit O2 dongle account. Dongle was shit told them it wasn't doing the business.

    Thought it had all been cancelled, was out the country or 8 months and got a ******* dirty big default on my credit rating. All for about 70 quid