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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tummel, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Just to start, I have used the search function and contacted recruiters but my question is still mostly unanswered...

    Basically, I have about 2.5-3k worth of debts that are yet to be sorted (no payment in place yet but trying to get this sorted asap)

    My debts are from- unpaid insurance premiums, an electric bill and my bank overdraft/charges (700,500,1000)
    ...Don't judge please, I lost my job due to joining up and I let things get ontop of me (stupidest thing I've ever done)

    I am at the last stage of selection (got adsc booked) and my question is, will my debts bar me?
    As I say, I am currently trying to contact each debtor and sort a payment plan but it will take a while and I've got adsc in three weeks! Delaying my app to pay off my debt isn't an option as I have 0 income at the moment (not even able to sign on, even though this is the first time I've been unemployed since leaving school 6 years ago)...

    please be gentle, I'm already pooing myself.

    thanks in advance....
  2. just to add, all other debt threads/posts are out dated/about iva's
  3. If your finding it difficult to pay them off my advice would be contact a company called Payplan there debt management is quality and its free with no interest. You will need to make a monthly payment but they will go through all your expenditure and income and find a suitable payment for you, I'm sure family wouldn't mind paying it for a few months till your in basic and able to contact them and take over payment?. Plus you have to be paying less then 250 back a month to be able to join otherwise its a bar or at least I'm pretty sure that's they amount.
    Good luck mate!

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  4. It doesn't sound a massive amount mate, given my 24k student / personal debt but I would say you need to sort plans out with the debtors, make it affordable and get it in writing and ASP. Someone will be along shorlty to give you the exact rule / reg however it all boils down to % of pay you need to make available and I think there may be other threads on here with regards that. Again mate, AFCO for the actual advice, here, it's just guesstimate. Absolute golden rule, don't hide them, be upfront and honest. Good luck
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  5. Thanks very much, they look just the ticket... I've not got any family to help with paying till first wage but I try and get the payments to start once I start getting payed (if I get in and if its an option) If not then I can sell some stuff to cover it in the meantime...

    Thanks too sharkboy, I've been upfront about it to my csm but she hasn't really given me any clear answers....
  6. Just tell them I'm finding it hard to come up with the money so can I pay £xxx amount for so many months till I can make affordable payments but you need to do this ASAP as I'm 90% sure you will be barred from joining due to irresponsible debt (aka not paying it back). BUT if your in a plan then you are responsibly paying it back.

    I'm in the same situation mate I'm in 6.5k debt and did exactly this with Payplan a month ago so now I'm covered.
    Again Good luck
    Got my interview coming soon so fingers crossed then on to adsc!

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  7. He wasn't happy about the fact that I was having to take days off to do barb,interviews etc and ended up telling me to leave...

    I'm not paying anything at the moment, I'm just starting to contact all debtors to start digging myself out...
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  8. Have a spin on the search function - plenty on this subject already.
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