Debt and joining the Marines

Ok, I remember posting a while back that I was thinking of trying to join T.A SAS (21)... Well, since spending quite a lot of time in the TA I Want to transfer to the Marines full-time.

Basically, I've filled in all the forms, done the interview, been to the careers office, seen the tapes yes, love it all - still want to join, ok here's your PRMC preparation booklets, yes, love it - been working my arrse off at my phys then I go back today with my security forms... "ahhh."

I spent 3 years at uni - and I have a credit card and an overdraft from my time there - both at maxxed but I took out a debt consolidation programme (Not a consolidation loan!) that means in a couple of years I'll have paid off everything and I'll be back to 0. I took my form in today with this written on and the Marine recruiter said that "while it is a sensible thing to do - it will stand against you" and he seemed pretty sure that I won't be allowed in because of it!

I'm totally gutted! I've worked my arrse off, and set all my hopes on joining the Marines - it something I want more than anything I've wanted yet I can't because of a poxy debt I accumulated back in University. It's a minimal repayment - what exactly to the Marines think I'm going to do? Has anyone else encountered this and are there any ways that I can get myself sorted out so that I can still join?

I just feel totally shit after coming back from the careers office having just had the wind totally shot out of my sails!

A very good mate of mine transferred to the Corps late 2001 from the Navy. He was up to his eyeballs in debt BIGTIME and even had to go to Baines and Ernst (sp?) to get his debts sorted out. He was constantly skint as well. Maybe it is different for direct entries though but as I'm not a recruiter, I don't know. The booties can be fussy though about who they take on and if it comes down to potential recruits x and y, 9 times out of 10, they're going to go for the person without the debt as they're less likely to become an admin case. Worse case scenario is to pay off the debt in a couple of years and join then. Are we talking debts of 10 grand plus or less??
the_matelot said:
Are we talking debts of 10 grand plus or less??

4k max. I phoned the guy at the career's office - he suggested just writing down on the form, rather than writing 'debt consolidation' I should just put that I have a credit card and over-draft. Just hope the Marines view me with the same light as the army did.
"£4k, you have a Womans debt my lord!"

Try speaking to your Bank Manager, and see if they will give you a personal loan to clear it up (lower rate of interest too). You can then tell the ACIO that the loan is for a Car or something. Everyone gets a loan for a Car, don't they? Maybe, ask Mum Dad/Guardian if they will take the loan on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

4 Grand? Thats fcuk all! Tell the royal to do one and ask him what instrument does he play.

That is not grounds to deny someone access to the services. Good idea from inkerman though. Speak to your bank about getting a loan and just fob it off as a car/whoring expedition loan.

Sat down the the old man and we're considering going down the *cough* 'car loan' route. He wants to guarantee it - alterior motive perhaps? (i.e. get out of my house and stop rinsing my beer!) Will ring the chap at the career office and have a talk, see if I can get around this.

Thanks for the advice - will keep you posted as my application rumbles on.

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