debit card need to be taken during phase 1 start?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    I start my Phase 1 tomorrow :lol: , enough butterflys in my stomatch for a nature sanctuary! :p , anyway, on to the question..

    The question is, do I need to take my debit card with me?

    As the form says I will take £50, but I'm just wondering whether I will need my card to withdraw the money once it is paid into your bank account.

    I obviously don' want to lose the card, but I need to be able to access my money, what do i do:p

    Please try and reply promptly, Im rushing about like a mad fool here trying to sort all my bits and bobs, wish me luck 8O :D


  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    You will need access to money.

    Take your card; you will be paid into the account that you nominate assuming that it is this one.

    Leave the details with someone that you can trust (and I don't mean your girlfriend) Sorry to sound poisoned but a teenage girlfriend is the least reliable person in the world. We all had one, they will work you over at some point.

    MIB....aged 42 and still sore.
  3. What you carry in your own wallet is your own business, as long as it includes your ID card.
  4. most certainly you'll need your card. Keep it in you and have your bank details separate from your card in case you need to cancel. Best of luck with your training
  5. Take money as the cash machines on camp will rob you.

    As stated remove your details from your wallet and bring a strong padlock.

    If possible leave your card at home and manage with what you have.

  6. Why would he have an I.D card? He's just starting phase one and asking for some relevant advice. Why bother t post such nonsense.

    Mate, take your debit card, from my experience you will have a cash machine on hand, but don't expect to have much time to spend the money. I got paid about £30 in cash for the first few weeks basic training as I recall. I also remember getting a few weeks pay on my first leave. But that was a while ago now.

    Hope it all works out well for you mate, it won't be anything like you expect, it never is, but I hope you like it anyway.
  7. So why take it?
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    You get paid case weekly. Around £50. Rest of your money gets paid to you when you get to phase 2 so unless you've a stash of your own you'll have nothing extra going in. Take it but you shouldn't need it.
  9. Best of luck Ben
  10. Best of luck Ben, I remember on my basic training I took no money at all. Quite convenient really as I had non anyway !
  11. Top tip, no matter what you do don't give your card and pin number to anyone because you haven't got time to go to cashpoint. You may think your fellow squaddies would die from you but most of them will steal from have been warned.
  12. Do you not have pay parades in basic anymore then?

    I will always remember a bloke in my plt in basic marching smartly up to the table and halting in front of the PC, but whilst halting he hits the table with his knee sending the nicely staked cash flying everywhere.
  13. If you have money in the bank then the debit card could be handy. You might need to go AWOL. :)
  14. Excellent post, throbber. Don't you think the forces have enough retention problems without you giving potential recruits ideas about how to screw the system?????? :evil:
  15. Don't get a co ck-stand fella, me thinks he was joking. You'll give yerself a heart attack.

    Big thread for a small question. Take yer chuffin' bank card, you're not going 'behind enemy lines'!