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Debenhams bans airbrushed models; urges other retailers to do the same

The retailer's campaign is 'all about making women feel fabulous about themselves rather than crushing their self-esteem by using false comparisons'.

I'm sorry, but if you're a fat bag of shit then you need a kick up the arrse to sort your life out. Not telling them, "but you're beautiful on the inside," or changing your models to size 16 biftas.
Nearly a third of the country are now obese, using fatter models isn't going to help that.
If they're that much of a mess then please relocate to Aldershot/Catterick/Colchester/Tidworth/etc there's plenty of beer goggled squaddies who'll go near you!

And another thing, why is it the fat mental bird who's always crying at the end of the night, ruining any chance of a shag with her fit mates because she's become a welfare case and wants to go home, just because you've got no chance of a shag doesn't mean that no-one is getting any.
'Retailers have a moral obligation to ban the airbrush': Debenhams spearheads ban on retouched model shots and calls on others to follow suit | Mail Online

I don't know about you lot but I think this is a terrible thing. I see enough lardos on the street without having their blotchy arses looming down at me from billboards. This will only encourage the splitarses to let themselves go even further.
Why were you reading the female bit? Are you trying to airbrush out your history of being good with colours?
As someone who does photography... am I bollocks going to not airbrush people, especially if its involved in PR/Advertising. Is someone going to buy a Hugo Boss product if its got the likes of that twunt James Cordon promoting it and looking like shite? I think not. Fat/Ugly people do not sell product.

Oh. This is in the naffi.

I can't touch up models anymore? The travesty. Fnar fnar.

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