Debbie McGees Mingers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. This is shamelessly robbed from the weekly email.

    Debbie McGee, wife of our very own rug headed dwarf magician Paul Daniels has recently started up a modelling agency. But can anyone explain why the holy christ she has such a bunch of mingers on her books? If you were going to hire them to dress in a burkha, wear ankle length wellingtons and mourn at funerals i'd understand it. But hire this bunch of hounds to model clothes, no fcuking thank you!!!

    Clicky Linkey

    By way of example:


    What the fcuk was her careers advisor thinking when she asked if she had a future in modelling. She should be modelling fcuking NBC kit.
  2. She was in The League Of Gentlemen. It must be a tax write-off scam.
  3. This One
    has strange vital stats and someone has photoshopped her mouth/nose region, ick.
  4. They all need loving.

    I'm not fussy.
  5. Yes but Debbie McGee was relatively attractive but ended up married to a hideous dwarf who could pull snot-rags out from his sleeves.

    I think her model agency is on a sympathy trip to all ugly people. Maybe she should call her agency 'Don't Call Us We'll Call You Model Agency'. :lol:
  6. [​IMG]

    Arf arf!
  7. Oh God, it's like a roll-call of birds I've pulled AFTER last orders...
  8. Good God man! Is that site for real?

    That has to be a scam where you find some ugly fecker and convince them they can model with their unique looks. No fee's involved but the photo's will cost you £500.
  9. I know where I've seen that face before. The big nosed geezer from the Royle Family.....
  10. Are those lenses from an S10
  11. Crikes, I thought she was wearing an S10....
  12. Jesus on a bike,what the fcuk were you looking for when you found that. :?
  13. Whatever he WAS looking for, these cannot be what he was looking for!!