Debbie Harry


my bloody son is in guildford at a music festival listening to my childhood idol.............and he keeps ringing me up so i can here her and is rubbing it in :x

him and 10 mates are there for the weekend and have booked a 9x9 tent out from the QM's and are on the booze train as he calls it :roll: he sounds as though he is about to fall off it though :D

god i loved her 30 years ago.........wouldnt kick her out of bed now either , even though she does qualify for a bus pass :wink:
Debby Harry, Glynis Barber (Makepeace out of Dempsey and Makepeace) and me. What a threesome!

(looks for tissues)


Schweik. You just made me realise that I now qualify for the " certain age" tag. Bastrad

Yes, quite.

Sorry to piss on your chips.

It was good while it lasted.


Debby Harry vs Amy Shitehaus. Got to be sorry for young lads nowadays eh.
Up until ten years ago I would have agreed. She really is past her sell by date now though.



Robbie Williams would fcuk a frog if it would stop hopping.
Soft lighting and a shedload of the foaming brew and she would still pass a push
Thats a hell of a hobby you've got there Josey.


In the 70's I got hold of real women. Subsequentialy I dont have scars all over my hands and knees like Josey.
JoseyWales said:
In the 1970's I would have crawled 500 miles over broken glass on my hands and knees just to insert match sticks in her poo.
I would have done the same just to light one of her farts..... at least that would have had a more fulfilling ending...
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