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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Radio Two today, Simon Mayo meets Debbie Harry. The Old'n Bold might remember her from the late seventies, early eighties. A few might even have had her on their Wall, a few might have wanted to have her but never did. Fcuk! she was something in those days. Turns 66 in July this year,but holding up .

    Now YouTube - Blondie Hanging on the Telephone - Live YouTube - Blondie - Sunday Girl 1979

    Any thoughts Gents, memories or "stories"?
  2. I'd still hoof it around the boudoir these days never mind back then.... I bet she's dirty.

    On that thought, I'm now off to slide my thang into the wife's chocolate eclair she's got in the fridge and shout 'atomic' when I fill it with my batter.
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  3. In January 1980 I saw them live in Paris. The next morning walked out my building and bumped into Blondie standing on the pavement (I lived opposite a very flash hotel). Debbie Harry was ultra glam, big black fur coat and matching hat topped off with huge black sunglasses. My gf and I asked for her autograph, she said no, so when she stepped into her limo with the rest of the band we pressed our noses against it ...

    Oh and when they played Glasgow on same tour my brother caught the rose she threw into the audience.

    But no I never had her :)
  4. I knew her well in the 80s,when she lived in The Old Police Station,in Cranborne,Dorset.Nice lady.
  5. Oh dear. Not what I remember at all,

  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    Is that what they call Fannies in Paris?
  7. Cheers ya twat, I will NEVER eat a chocci eclair again. DH was a stunner in her day, but TBH she has not worn well. I still would tho'.

  8. This is one of my favourite tracks by her.

    I heard that Radio1 didnt add this track to their playlist as they thought she was past it, and it would be a waste of airtime. Subsequently when it went to No1, they threw a hissy fit as "it showed radio1's playlist couldn't influence the chart in the way it might have in previous decades".

    Radio1 lost the plot a long time ago, whether it is a true story, or just a rumour - in much the same way Radio2 is heading (Chris Evans, do one you talentless cnut)
  9. Nlo problems, see it as my contribution towards lowering your cholestorol ;-)
  10. there aren't any FANYs in paris - only in London

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    OMG, has Ms Harry been body snatched by Hillary Clinton?
  12. Hitlers dog was called Blondi, I always wondered if this was a punkish rebellious thing.
  13. You have no problem increasing your wifes fat intake though?

    You chubby chaser you.
  14. I was in my late teens at the end of the seventies. I worshipped that woman. I still harbour ridiculous fantasies about her even though she is not physically what she was. I would love to meet her though. And who knows - if I'd had a couple of pints, it may be that her attractiveness might start to reappear!

    In those days if I could have had Debbie Harry (who was being shagged by Chris Stein) and Rickie Lee Jones (who was being shagged by Tom Waits) I would have been a totally happy chap. If either of them is reading this and fancies giving it a go ....

    ... Or even Tom Waits, I'm not fussy ....