Debating options A and B, but what about C?

Barrack Obama said that there is no military solution for Iraq, and that there should be a "diplomatic surge". Meanwhile, Bush is simply pushing for more military forces. Honestly though, I can't see any hope of success in a "diplomatic" solution without a security presence.

Would it be unreasonable for there to be a military and a diplomatic surge? Neither solution has any chance of success by itself. The Coalition (or what's left of it) has been trying to use it's soldiers to fill the neglected roles of negotiators, aid workers, etc. They've done incredibly well considering most of that was done with precious little help or even acknowledgement from policymakers. The rebuilding and negotiating process is the central to success, but unfortunately some idiots can't figure it out, just as some other imbeciles don't see that these efforts can't succeed without the military in a supporting role. :frustrated:

Why must our foreign policy be dictated by a collection of naive "can't we all just get along" beatniks and brash "kill the heathens" zealots? :pissedoff:

Rant over


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Re-read your Clauswitz. "War is diplomacy by other means."
War and diplomacy are mutally supporting, they cannot exist without each other.
[TB staring at gennithmedic's avatar]

Yeah.. interesting point... yeah... right... interesting... yeah... Sorry, what was it you were saying?
Oh right, politics!!

Well, as we're drawing down in Iraq, i thought we'd already come to the conclusion that Iraq is lost and our efforts were better spent in Afganistan, where some kind of result can be won...


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Stop staring at my tits! you filthy badger!
I have to wonder whether UK forces have always doubted that Iraq can be sorted out. We had a good go 60 plus years ago, but finally realised that the Chogies really are beyond help.
Divide them into their respective groups and let them fester.
Hi gennithmedic,

Apologies... but they are fantastic.

History does have a habit of repeating itself.

In terms of diplomacy, i don't think theres much the allies can do, from here on in i think it has to be sorted "in house". All we can do is provide security in the interim. Its hardly democratic if we force a diplomatic solution on them.

at a minimum at least Saddam kept some form of control and stability.

Iran is probably the only Muslim democracy in the Middle East.

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