Debate: Welfare and Warfare


Proposed Debate: Welfare and Warfare

Far be it from me to introduce debate. But with several threads running mental health topics and views for and against help and care for veterans,
how about contributing published, legitimate research and personal experience? If not and it's a bad idea, fair enough, and hole it.

To introduce fresh discussion using published, informed research, here's a few extracts from the report linked at the end of this post. Arrse is mentioned in the credits for this report. Does anyone wish to add to a proposed debate?

"There is concern about the mental health of British service personnel due to the continuing high level of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Combat is stressful and has an impact upon mental health of serving personnel with potential consequences for their future military careers. Poor mental health is also associated with increased risk of social exclusion on leaving the services, which further exacerbates mental health problems. An increasing number of ex-service personnel are expected to develop stress–related mental health problems in the future. In addition there are persistent allegations that harassment and bullying continue to feature in military culture.

"It is clear that there is a high level of mental health need among service and ex-service personnel and it is not at all clear whether this need is adequately met."

Talk About It
"There was a general consensus that the best way to
support people experiencing emotional distress was to get
them to talk about their feelings but this did not come
naturally to most service personnel."

And so, the topic for proposed debate.



Exerllent topic . ----- I can not understand why the government will not address these most disturbing true quotes that you have shown, other than the fact that the government choose not to do so, which being that it is they who are responsable for sending people to war, is a national discrace :!: