Deaths whilst in Policy 'Custody'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbeaus, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. According to several newspapers today (Sorry no linky) their has been 1495 deaths of individuals since 1990 whilst under arrest or in Police custody. In that time not a single Police officer has been found guilty of any sort of violence (Murder, Manslaughter rather than ABH, Or GBH) perpetrated against those victims. The last Police officer found guilty of Manslaughter was in 1986.
    Is it time to remove the complete investigation of the death of somebody in the custody involving the police, to be removed from the Police themselves to an independent body (made up of non Police Staff) suitably trained in investigation techniques? also
    The capture of CVTV images also be placed outside the control of the police themselves?
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Why becuase they died in police custody does it mean that a policeman did them in? By the nature of it some pretty nasty, drunken, ill people end up in nick. Your number suggests that around 100 people die each year, which is one every 3 and a bit days. If it was the same custody sergeant on every time I'm sure someone would have noticed by now.
  3. You're a bit out of touch, DICs have been investigated exclusively by the IPCC since it was created.
  4. We can only go so far to prevent the odd death in custody and spent a huge amount of money to try to prevent it.

    The nation racks up a huge bill now for custody supervision in general, special supervision of those who present risk to themselves, along with the provision of nursing, doctoring and mental health teams.

    Yes we should investigate it, people whould not be mistreated in custody, but only if you start with the provision that nobody should ever die anywhere will you fairly ever reach a sum of zero for deaths in custody.

    The real questions for society to ask are much more uncomfortable, and don't respond to five minute press campaigns, so simply donlt get addressed! Why it is that any one prson needs to end up in custody at all?
  5. Statistically, beds are ******* dangerous. You're far more likely to die in bed than anywhere else!

    Why is no one doing anything about this ?? I'm outraged that no bed manufacturers have been brought to account.

    And hospitals, don't get me started on hospitals......

    And breathe..........
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  6. Camping is more dangerous! Every time the police find a dead body it's in a white tent?
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  7. What he said. I could stop search you at midnight, and if you died in a horrible car accident at 1130 the following evening it would be a death in custody investigation.

    So robbeaus can wipe the foam from his chops now and step away from the website.
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  8. It'd be interesting to calculate how many "person cell-days" there have been since 1990, i.e. the total number of days spent in custody by all prisoners combined, and then see what percentage of deaths would be normal for such a sample.

    Genuine question -- I've no idea what the answer would be.
  9. These are not my figures, they are the number of people who died in the circumstances as described.
    One every 3 days and not a single officer singled out for inappropriate treatment would lead me to feel that there is a issue here?
    Fewer people have died at work in a work related incidents over the same time period, but there have been many Companies as well as a few individuals who have been found guilty of providing an inappropriate working environment. Statistically the Police numbers are at the very least, stretching credibility.
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  10. I did say an independent body, the IPCC is hardly that.
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  11. You forgot something, I added it for you.
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  12. It's a serious Question? A bit more worthy than the level that you seem to thrive at?
  13. Perhaps no have been charged with manslaughter because no one did anything wrong?

    Foaming At The Mouth.jpg
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  14. Evidence please.

    have you or any of your family, or even anybody you know worked for the IPCC ?

    I have one ex IPCC member in my family, has never served in the Plod, and have had many an 'interesting' conversation with him about cases he's worked. He's never given me any reason whatsoever to doubt the IPCCs independence.

    If it were biased, why do the Police distrust it so. It may not be the most efficient organisation around, hamstrung as it is by it's consitution, but independent it is.

    Whilst the above may not fit your prejudicesI'm afraid it's true.

    Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open.
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  15. That's crazy talk!