Deaths on Ops Since 1945

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hotel_60, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone fill in any of the gaps (or point out any c0ck-ups)?

    Indonesia (1945-1946) - 50
    Palestine (1945-1948) - 223
    Malaya (1948-1961) - 509
    Korea (1950-1953) - 865
    Eqypt (1951-1954) - 53
    Kenya (1952) - 12
    Cyprus (1955-1958) - 79
    Eqypt (1956) - 12
    Borneo / Malaya (1962-1966) - 59
    Radfan (1964-1967) - 24
    Aden (1964-1967) - 68
    Oman / Dhofar (1969-1976) - ???
    Northern Ireland (1969-Date) - 644??? 720??? Definitive answer???
    Falkland Islands (1982) - 255
    First Gulf War (1991) - 42
    Bosnia/Croatia (1991-Date) - ???
    Kosovo (1999-Date) - ???
    Sierra Leone (2000) - ????
    Afghanistan (2001-Date) - 41
    Iraq (2003-Date) - 126

    Slightly strange how stats for old conflicts are fairly easy to come by whereas figures for recent conflicts can be hard to track down...

    Thanks for any help and I hope the above stats are of interest to some of you.
  2. Yeah very nice why dont you bang some repatriation photo's on there? Maybe some grieving familys.
  3. Try the Daily Telegraph, or - failing that - the Times, and after that The Mail.

    One or other of the dailies has done a front cover on exactly this - not very recently, but they bin feckall.
  4. Your figures are really c0cked up,especially Aden,if it wasn´t such a serious subject I´d think you were trolling around,but why?
  5. In 'Muscat Command' by Peter Thwaites he lists 35 Brit Forces killed in Dhofar 1965-1975.
  6. Any particular reason? But from the RBL in 2001:

  7. As a young `army barmy`kid I closely followed the events in Aden,and from memory there were about 125 killed in the last year!Maybe the figures don´t include RAF or Navy but thats just political bullshit,cutting the numbers up to bluff the public(and soldiers?)?

    Aden 68?...............I don´t think so!

    6 months in the Sergeants Mess as Barman,thank god that some of those blokes who were in Crater don´t write books!
  8. Walker J. (2005) Aden Insurgency: The Savage War in South Arabia 1962-67. Spellmount Publishers, page 285, gives a figure of "approaching 200" for British Military fatalities including RM, RAF and SF. This covers Aden itself, the Radfan and other parts of S Arabia where fighting took place during this period. The same source states that 57 of these deaths occurred in Aden itself, almost all in 1967.

  9. I wonder how many would have survived with some of todays body armour?

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  10. I seem to recall a report that 1968 was the first year to pass without the death of a British soldier under active service conditions...

    Of course that might not have included the little dust-up in Oman, which wasn't officially happening, the dates of which elude me at the moment... :roll:
  11. I think the figures for Borneo are low as well. Incidentally Borneo should be separated from Brunei, they were different campaigns, different GSM clasps. IIRC the Brunei total was 4 KIA.