Deaths on Ops Since 1945

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by hotel_60, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone fill in any of the gaps (or point out any c0ck-ups)?

    Indonesia (1945-1946) - 50
    Palestine (1945-1948) - 223
    Malaya (1948-1961) - 509
    Korea (1950-1953) - 865
    Eqypt (1951-1954) - 53
    Kenya (1952) - 12
    Cyprus (1955-1958) - 79
    Eqypt (1956) - 12
    Borneo / Malaya (1962-1966) - 59
    Radfan (1964-1967) - 24
    Aden (1964-1967) - 68
    Oman / Dhofar (1969-1976) - ???
    Northern Ireland (1969-Date) - 644??? 720??? Definitive answer???
    Falkland Islands (1982) - 255
    First Gulf War (1991) - 42
    Bosnia/Croatia (1991-Date) - ???
    Kosovo (1999-Date) - ???
    Sierra Leone (2000) - ????
    Afghanistan (2001-Date) - 41
    Iraq (2003-Date) - 126

    Slightly strange how stats for old conflicts are fairly easy to come by whereas figures for recent conflicts can be hard to track down...

    Thanks for any help and I hope the above stats are of interest to some of you.

    SOURCE: Essential Militaria, Hobbes (2003). Cross-reffed where possible.
  2. Your figure of 92 total for Radfan/Aden is way off. It was nearer 300. Pretty savage but we didn't do self-promotion then, and kept it to ourselves.
    If you are keen on doing your own research get a copy of "Aden Insurgency" by Jonathan Walker (Spellmount Publishing 2005)
    ISBN 1-86227-225-5
    And you've overlooked Oman 1959 (Jebel Akhdar).
  3. Northern Ireland Losses, well when i did a piece a while back, i got near a 1000, doing research i found that no one knows how many suicides occured over there, in 3 tours i heard of nearly 8, and attended 2 of them.

    Now i also found for the 1st 3 years of Ulster over 30 names of men NOT on any roll of Honour, these were soldiers killed in accidents such as 2 para boating accident, a lot of run downs, car crashes back from pubs etc, accidental shootings.

    I can put the totals and the reasons up at a later date, but DO NOT accept any MOD figures, do you know when i contacted a couple of Regiments, they couldnt help, as all their records of Ulster had been thrown away. Ive been doing research on Ulster early years for well years and have a ton of stuff, must actually print it one day.

    Put it this way, If the boys on OPs get remembered the way those who fell or were wounded in Ulster were, god help them. Oh i forgot they are.
  4. The Ministry of Defence admit to 45 soldiers committing suicide in Ireland since 1984 there are no records for those who had committed suicide before then

    Some 719 members of the Armed Forces died in Ulster since 1969. Though sources, say to add another 200 to this. These include men lost in intelligence service operations, in accidents and illness. It is interesting to note that the Government when asked could only provide figures from 1973, as they say it would be too costly to gather figures for before that date. So we have no real figures available.
  5. You also need Indo-china (Vietnam) Sep/Nov 45 :wink:
  6. What about deaths and suicedes on RN ships as they are classed as active duty out at sea.....
  7. I havent looked into The RAF or RN as of yet, very valid point, but ive been concentrating more on the Army/UDR.
  8. There was a project to create a war memorial for just such deaths - I once talked to the person who was trying to sort it out (an FTRS Yeomanry Lt.Col).

    I seem to remember him saying that the figures included "Vietnam: 1" because someone had started Australian service before they had officially finished UK service.

    I could, of course, be talking sh*te.

    Have you tried contacting the National Arboretum? They're commemorating the same thing.
  9. Thanks for the responses - all very interesting! Anyone have any idea about fatalities in the Balkans? I can find absolutely no figures of any authority about Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo...
  10. I was in NI in August 69 and soon after we arrived there was a shooting, one Brit shot his mate in head with a SLR. Shortly after a 2 Lt was shot by one of his own patrol in an 'accident' with a SMG not sure if he lived.
    Two bad matters will not go into, on open forum.
  11. This Topic is split on two Forums,and quite confusing!

    The best site that I´ve found and was really an eye opener is this one,although there are some ommisions it´s very up to-date,and includes Bosnia etc.

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  12. I am pretty sure that an Air Force officer died of malaria whilst serving as a MILOB in Cambodia in 1992 or thereabouts - does this count?
  13. I Know of at least 3 killed in Kosovo when i was out there, 2x pilots killed when their Puma went down and a Cav lad Killed when his CVRT went over a mine, Both insidents happened during ops up by the Masidonian border in early 2001 (as i remember). Also i remember seeing a memorial to a Lad in the KRH who was killied in the invasion. lastly i remember a newspaper report that a lad from the RRW was killed in a shooting insident at the Serb Church (Z24) in Pristina, But i was not out there at the time so have no ider as to what happened