Death Threats Made Vs Straw and May


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BBC News - Jack Straw and Theresa May death threats: Man arrested (c) Auntie

Quite why a 33 yr old Local Govt Official would want to make death threats against his MP (and former Foreign/Home Secretary, and the current Home Secretary) I wouldn't like to speculate.

I wouldn't like to but I shall. I would suggest that they have family or friends on the sub-continent and feel aggrieved at the way that the UK is pursuing its perceived national interest. Just in time to stoke up bad feelings on all sides of the community what with the local elections coming up.
Or just a straightforward s136?

Please don't suggest I***m or that bell end on the other thread'll be in here going on about the end of days.


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Wasn't going to. More concerned with the other bellends who see provocation in the Taj Mahal (cf Twitter a few days ago).
There's no chance whatsoever a jury will accept an insanity plea.
There's no chance whatsoever a jury will accept an insanity plea.
You watch; loads of people get lifted by uniform on "threats to kill", by the time they've been dealt with a s5 Public Order Act fixed penalty notice has been issued.

Maybe this one can have a harrassment warning or something similar.

Unless it is actually meets all the points to prove for "threats to kill", which is a bit tricky to convict on.

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