Death takes UK Afghan toll to 200

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Death takes UK Afghan toll to 200

    A British soldier has died from wounds suffered in Afghanistan, taking the number of UK troops killed since operations began in 2001 to 200.
    The soldier, from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh, died at Birmingham's Royal College of Defence Medicine in Selly Oak. Next of kin have been informed.
    The soldier was injured in an explosion while on patrol in Helmand on Thursday.
    A total of nine UK personnel have died this month as troops attempt to shore up security ahead of August elections.
    The latest death follows those of three soldiers killed by roadside bombs while on foot patrol in Helmand on Thursday.
    Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has warned more lives will be lost, but said leaving was not an option.
  2. RIP.

    Condolances to family and friends.

    A tragic milestone, and no end in sight... :evil:
  3. RIP... :(
  4. R.I.P.

    Very sad day indeed
  5. R I P a SAD milestone indeed , rest easy soilder
  6. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts are with your family tonight son. Prayers will be said tommorow.
  7. Very sad :(

  8. A bloody sad milestone. Whilst still serving, it is 3 years since my last real op tour. My friends son has just passed out from basic, and my own son is now off to college. We are passing our problems on to our children. WTF have we elected to Parliment? My sincere condolences to all the family, loved ones and support staff of the soldier concerned, as well as all those who precede him in this and other theatres. RIP and see you all at the great big smoker in the sky.
  9. Sad News, Rest in peace Son.
  10. RIP mate.