Death or Glory?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by pondwater, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. I'm ex Q.R.L you may know me as Dot. You lot are recce? Oh dear. Any way just seeing if any one is out there. Oh yeah and civvi street is shite.
  2. I have a few mates who are/were QRL . When did you leave ?
  3. Erm, cake please?
  4. I left in june 98. Was A sqn.
  5. FFS what the fcuk are you going on about fella
  6. Need to know only im afraid fella
  7. Erm, wah?
  8. Say again all after Erm,wah?...Over.
  9. erm wah over.
  10. Death or Cake?...Umm cake please. DAMN ALL THE CAKE IN ZA WORLD!
  11. we're all out of cake we only bought three slices and we didnt think there would be such a rush!
  12. What was your parent regiment though?

    I have a good mate who was in my intake - he became a WO1 in the Boneheads but was posted out to Warminster about 5 years ago.
  13. I left C Sqn 17/21 in 76.
  14. Not sure what response you will get at the minute as the QRL are on TESEX on the Plain. I work with Spi*e Cres*ee and M*ps Mar*les who as it goes is a tttwwwaaatttt!!!
  15. Mops Ma*ples about 40ish?? ex-16th/5th now QRL????