Death of the Uzi...SA80 to follow?

This from the Daily Telegraph...

Israeli forces say goodbye to the Uzi
By Toby Harnden in Jerusalem
(Filed: 27/12/2003)

The Uzi sub-machinegun, a symbol of Israeli national identity, has been withdrawn from service by the defence forces after half a century.

Compact, simple and resistant to dust and sand, the 9mm Uzi in its machine-pistol form, was designed by a former resistance fighter, Uzi Gal.

"It was a great moment for Israel," Lt Col Gal, who died in 2002 aged 79, once said, ". . . a weapon that the Jewish people had made for themselves, and I designed it from the ground up."

Still used by the US Secret Service it was once the most widely distributed sub-machinegun in the West.

It was withdrawn from front-line service by the Israelis some 20 years ago but continued to be used in training. It will still be exported.

How long do we have to wait before we see the headline "British forces say goodbye to the SA80"?
The sooner the better; but then I'd have to find something else to bitch about!


Hello newcomer....Hmnn ..Interesting..
I heard that from a man training with the Israelis who witnessed a recent demonstration of the Tavor and had a subsequent discussion with an Israeli soldier about said weapon.
Pray tell- what did you hear that was different? I'm all ears.....
I would rather not say. But I hear that there is at least three weapons in the running.


I don't know more than I've told you here..If I hear more I'll post it..
Time will no doubt tell.


Kit Reviewer
Tavor looks like a 'sexed-up' SA80/AUG/FAMAS/CR21 - still only shoot it from one shoulder without a strip & assembly job. FN seem to have addressed the problem.

NT, as and when you can, will you let us know the three wpns in the trials ?
last i heard the yanks had dumped so many M4's and M16a2's into the aid package that Tavor wasn't to go to manufacture.

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