Death of the Grand Master of the SMOM

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gallowglass, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I browsed the site. I'd gone in with pre-conceived ideas, but this evaporated when I noticed what they've been involved in in the Middle East, and across the world.

    This can only be good, and although I'm a bit put off by the religious backdrop, and the masonic connotations - to provide hospitals for the poor to be treated and have babies, no matter their race, creed or religion is extremely laudable. And all this seems to be done with a very low profile.

    If he doesn't make the grade or cut the mustard as Euro president, would it be possible for Tony Blair to offer his services as the next Grand Master?

    What do you think, GG?
  2. I had a look at their website. I didn't realise what a diverse range of activities they are involved in. By all accounts the SMOM was quite a man. RIP.
  3. [
    Still plenty of good blokes out there. Impressive that some people are

    willing to try so hard. That's what National Service did for us.

    RIP old fellow.
  4. Tony Bliar could not possibly take over as Grand Master because;
    a. One has to believe in a greater being and he doesn't believe there is anyone greater than himself
    b. masonic links. Bliar is not a mason
    c. You have to be honest. Enough said !!
    d. You have to be truthful. Enough said !!
    e. You have to be charitable. Enough said !!
    f. You have to be respected. Enough said !!
    g. You have to have done something useful in your life. List on the back of a postage stamp please.

    Even in the passing of their Grand Master, no organization is THAT desperate !!
  5. tony blair is a bilderburger ; a secret organistion whos only goal is a united states of europe
  6. What sad news. My ex often talked about him, Mr Bertie had been his housemaster at school. He was extremely cultivated, rather flamboyant in his attire, and drove a Rolls Royce. A very kind man. Apparently related to the Queen.

    requiescat in pace
  7. :?

    If it's sooooo secret, how do you know of it, and if it's aim is to have a United States of Europe, why are there so many non-'Europeans' in it?

  8. Found this article dating from his appointment. Pity our political leaders are not of the same ilk.

  9. fmop - Thank you for your post.
  10. One correction and one addition:

    The SMOM has nothing to do with the masons. The Roman Catholic church prohibits membership.

    The GM of the Order is only "open" to those who have taken solemn religious vows. One of which is celibacy. Now if I were married to the Wicked Witch I would probably be celibate but even so I don't think it would count. :twisted:
  11. Howdedo frenchperson,

    Johnny-come-lately Catholics do not tend to be well received by the Order, which, unlike the House of Commons, attaches a good deal of importance to tradition, background and behaviour - Blair and most politicos would therefore be ruled out.
  12. Beat me to it: there are strong links between the Masons and the Knights Templer, including every Masonic Lodge being a representation of the Temple of Soloman. Although there is no hard evidance, many Freemasons believe themselves to be the spiritual descendants of the Knights Templer. One of the most popular legands is that Knights Templer who fought at Bannockburn were allowed to stay in Scotland by de Bruce, on the understanding that the Order would disband.

    So the Knights disbanded the Order but kept the rituals etc alive within their families(they were no longer bound by their Knightly vows, including celibacy :wink)and this eventually became Freemasonary.

    As I said, no evidance at all, but a very nice story which many Masons believe. :)

    When both organisations were on Crusade, there was no love lost at all between the Templers and Knights Hospitaltier; imagine Paras vs Marines and you get a rough idea. 8O

    So there is no way a Mason would join the Knights of St John, even if he was allowed to.

    Oh, is that my anorak? And you've called a taxi, how kind... :oops: