Death of the Gib Scoff Monster

Just learned today of the passing of the possibly the most attractive woman (whilst I was steaming),that worked in the cookhouse at Gib. it true has the object of so many Sappers desires died?
If so who claimed the pot that was allegedly around for nailing her?
Did anyone contribute to it as all our troop was made to do during training?
If the pot never existed,there is justification for us filling the pies that the bean stealing training screws made us lift at dinner with pubes and smeg.
If she is gone,a legend has died.
R.I.P you moustachioed marvel of the cookhouse.

PS Was her coffin a ten man lift?
strange...ive been told by someone whos granmother worked in the cookhouse years ago, and knew the lady in question, that she has retired and living happily near camberley
I heard this rumour late last year! cant confirm if its true or not, but better first parade the coles crane just in case a coffin lift is required?

Can anyone at Gib clarify? maybe have look in the cookhouse and ask her pea sized father what his daughters upto these days?? facial expressions should say it all!
Who the f*ck employed that fat c*nt anyway? She put Sappers off their dinner for years, many an appetite was ruined by the sight of that thing sweating behind the hot-plate. Did anyone see her boyfriend? ... yes you read that right ... her boyfriend! He was a short-arsed ginger gimp who used to pick her up from work in a mini. Ah the comedy value. RIP Scoff Monster.

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