Death of Maj Gareth Rhys-Evans in cycle race crash

No clear place to post this as not an operational death but I received some sad news today: Maj Gareth Rhys-Evans, In Corps, was killed this morning while taking part in a cycle race/time trial in Cambridgeshire. He was hit by a car from behind and was pronounced dead at the scene. He was serving with 1 MI Bn in Rheindahlen but had recently transferred from the Royal Artillery.

Grif was a good friend of mine - we were at Sandhurst together and I was his best man and he mine in turn - and although I haven't seen him for a while I was hoping to see him again soon and it would be like old times. I wondered if he had come back for the Army v Navy but he was cycling instead. He was a member of the Army Cycling Union as well as a big rugby man.

My heart goes out to his wife and two kids as well as the rest of his family.

RIP Grif


Good God. I was in the same syndicate as him on ICSC(L), a top, top bloke and an absolutely unique individual. Words fail me, I'm shattered by this dreadful news.


After all the blood, sweat, and tears that this man went through to get to his position, that happens to him :!: It really does make one stop and think about life in a different perspective :!: R.I.P Sir.
Many thanks for your kind words. When she is ready i will tell Emma (his wife) about the kind things said. There are no words to explain how everyone is feeling. If any of you require any info by all means contact me and i will try to help.

I served with Gareth at 22RA just after he had finished his YO's course at RSA.

He was rugby mad and very Welsh, but despite those two failings* he was a good lad to have a pint with: he certainly wasn't dull and lived life to the full. Great fun was had on the booze-cruise from Cyprus to Egypt in '99 (when on UNFICYP).


Condolences to Emma and his their two children.

* 22RA were the 'Welsh Gunners' and almost as good/sometimes better than 7RHA at rugby.
RIP - my most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends - what a tragedy. We're all better for having known such an outstanding colleague, and now feel and share the pain of his loss.
Very sad news. A terrible story for all involved. My condolences to his family.

As an aside. I saw that the BBC news have carried the story in the early evening and late evening bulletins mentioning ARRSE and particularly Forastero's quote about the Major being a top bloke.
I live local to part of the route the cyclists were doing. The new section of the A428 doesnt have speed cameras on (yet!) and there were some idiots tearing past me on the way into Cambridge.

The route was clearly marked with warning signs for motorists that cyclists were on that road too. It's not always easy to see a cyclist at a distance and little reaction time if you're closing up on them at 70mph, so I'd dropped my speed to 60 and kept my eyes peeled the whole way down the road. I moved over to the outside lane well before having to pass any of the cyclists and moved in after them so as not to cause buffeting.

I was watching in my rear view mirror and some idiot in an Astra was giving them barely a foot of clearance, no indication, just swing out right before them and dropping right back in front of them.

RIP to the officer, I'm an ex-Gunner (and All Girls Corps) myself.
R.I.P. Sir

Condolences to Family and friends
Rest in peace Major.
I knew Gryff from his involvement with ASTOR. He was a true gentleman who represented his Service and Corps extremely well. My thoughts are with his friends and family at this very sad time.


MM :(

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