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Death of Canon Keith Catchpole


Canon Keith Catchpole, late Corps Chaplain to the Royal Militay Police, died on 30 January.

Many of you will have met Canon Keith either at RMPTS or Southwick Park during your training or on operations in the Balkans.

A staunch supporter of the RMP throughout the years, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Our thoughts and prayers go to his wife Margaret at this sad time.

RIP Keith.


A very sad loss to RMP indeed. A man who was very much a central part of the Corps. RIP Keith.
RIP A sad loss of a good bloke
Rest in Peace Keith


War Hero
Certainly a man who was a friend of the RMP as well as the wider Army. He will be missed.


If anyone is interestd, I have details of the funeral service in Chichetser on 12 Feb 07.

A high turn out from RMP is expected so it should be a grand service for his family. RIP.

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